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Work at "EA"

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  • 2 weeks later...

I was all excited to start working for EA so overshared as much as possible about it! ^_^

Fact is.. I am working remotely or from home, haha. To be honest all the Melbourne office is working from home because of Corona, but I am in Brisbane, my contract is work from home.

But on the slack channel someone was sharing nostalgia when they were in the office. Hence this picture I saw in the slack channel. And since I found it funny to find an office picture with zillion of game DVDs, I shared it! 😛 

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10 hours ago, Ian Absentia said:

Oh, dear.  Employees' names, unblurred.  Eek.

I cant see! 😮

11 hours ago, svensson said:

Well, LD, I'm glad you're happy.

I'm not a great big huge fan of EA and the Extreme Microtransactions Network, but I'm glad you have a gig that you're this happy about.

I am happy.. though working from home might make me crazy.. we shall see....

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5 hours ago, Lloyd Dupont said:

I cant see! 😮

I am happy.. though working from home might make me crazy.. we shall see....

It's worked out reasonably well for my wife and I.

If a little advice is helpful, this is how we do it:

- We clearly separate work hours and home hours

- During work hours we leave each other alone to work

- We have defined work areas where the work computer and paperwork goes and we try not to let that stuff invade our home space beyond what's necessary

- We guard our time off and weekends.

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