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Leika and Kallyr


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Hi there,

I think this is a Glorantha 101 fail so sorry if this is wasting bandwidth.

What is the basis for the tension between Prince Kallyr and Queen Leika alluded to in the GM Adventurers book? Cattle Raid says the Colymar did not support Kallyr at Dangerford and Dragon of Thunder Hills notes that Leika has grudgingly accepted Kallyr as Prince of Sartar. By the Battle of the Queens (GSB) Leika seems to seek valiantly to save Kallyr. I feel I have missed a reference as to what is causing the tension.


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3 hours ago, RandomNumber said:

I think this is a Glorantha 101 fail so sorry if this is wasting bandwidth.

Thanks for a good question, I'm interested to hear how the more learned than me reply.

I don’t know why from official publications, but in my campaign it’s a mix of reasons why Leika doesn’t whole heartedly support Kallyr.

Mainly I think that Leika doesn’t think Kallyr will be a good prince, and she will ultimately fail.  Kallyr was rash at the failed uprising in 1613, and she’s rash now.  A great war leader, she’ll make the Lunar Empire pay dearly for its reconquest of Sartar, but Leika thinks that Kallyr won’t be able to stop them.  I also have Leika blaming Kallyr for the Dragon Rise, which was great for eating Lunars, but if the Dragons awake and rise again across Dragon Pass, and eat everything up (like the Dragon Kill), that won’t leave anything for the Lunars to conquer, which would be a pretty pyrrhic victory for Sartar.

Secondly is rivalry.  They were both war leaders serving King Broyan.  Where they showed a very different approach.  Leika was always there, fighting by Broyan’s side, whilst Kallyr was off on grand schemes, like the Sky World Boat quest.

And Leika is queen of the Colymar the mightiest tribe of Sartar, and probably has more resources at her disposal than Kallyr does as Prince.  Leika almost certainly thinks she would make a better prince than Kallyr, but she doesn’t have the right blood, not being of Sartar’s line.

In my campaign, Leika sends the adventurers to *properly* test Kallyr as their part of Kallyr’s lightbringer quest.  If Kallyr can prove to Leika’s satisfaction that she really is the right person to be prince, then Leika will throw her lot in behind her unreservedly.  But if not, Leika won’t have the Colymar destroyed by following Kallyr if she’s doomed to failure.

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Here's some notes@Jeff shared with our Facebook group last year, cut'n'pasted from his Sartar manuscript:

Opponents include the Colymar - in particular the Chans and Leika. Leika knows Kallyr, having been in exile with her. Both were lieutenants of King Broyan, but Leika stayed and fought at Pennel Ford, while Kallyr was involved in her Sky World Boat Quest. Leika was there when Broyan was killed by Lunar sorcery, while Kallyr was involved in the Dragonrise plot (which horrified both Leika and Kallyr). Leika shares her family's hostility towards Kallyr, and views her as an overly-ambitious rival. As the leader of the largest and most powerful tribe in Sartar, Leika views Kallyr as a peer with fewer resources than herself.
The Chans (Erenava and Erannina, as well as the Ernaldori clan) dislike Kallyr for a variety of reasons, all going back to 1613. They blame Kallyr for the rebellion that resulted in their exile.
But in the end, Kallyr's biggest enemy is herself. She is proud, haughty, and volatile, and early goes into fits of shouting and accusations. Her loyalty to the nation of Sartar is unquestionable, but she will not allow it to ruined by fools and cowards. Although many of her outbursts are for dramatic effect, her haughty and unapproachable personality makes it difficult for her to work with strangers - people must earn her trust. As a result, she draws on those she knows and trusts - an increasingly narrow circle.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RuneQuest/posts/1724712011038124

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Leika became queen of the Colymar because of Kallai Rockbuster's participation in Starbrow's Rebellion, and she was forced into humiliating exile for more than a decade because the Lunars decided that they wanted a more quiescent Colymar leadership. 

Leika was also the leader of the warband that escorted Redbird the Sorcerer and Temertain into Boldhome to negotiate a peaceful ending to Starbrow's Rebellion. So Leika and Kallyr have very good reasons to blame each other for their long periods spent in the wilderness of exile. 

In addition, Kallyr's ties to Telmori and ducks and Leika's general neutrality on politics before she became queen provide an additional excuse for thinking the other's loyalties dubious. And then on top of all this, they spent those 11 years or so in close proximity. Wouldn't be surprising if familiarity bred some contempt there.

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