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  1. Thanks. Are there any teasers forthcoming or information about what we might expect to see in 'Equipment and Weapons' (apart from lists of equipment and weapons...)? We have seen content for Cults and the Sartar book in this forum and in FB yet they are evidently further out in the production schedule than E&W. I would love to learn a little more about what we can expect to see. I imagine something that would really evoke the culture and feel of Glorantha and the return of Armouring and Binding Enchantments, which are tantalisingly noted as Currently unavailable in the RQG conversion guide.
  2. Our RQ campaign tastes were forged by RQ2 so we have tended towards lower starting skills. The early struggles were far more appealing to us that the latter stages of a campaign arc. I entirely support the greater accessibility and marketability of RQG having more accomplished starting PC's. Thus in picking up and running RQG, we have nerfed previous experience but edged the stats slightly. The rationale is that the PC's were born of the 'right stuff' and that Fate will draw them along a different path than that of their brothers and sisters who will be content to till the soil and tend the herds. They will gain their masteries through experience and adventure rather than commence with them. To that end, we roll stats in order but allow the player to swap out two of the 3d6 rolls for a 'best 3 of 4d6'. Or, 'best 2 of 3d6' + 6 for INT and SIZ. For what it's worth, when rolling 19d6 (5 x 3d6 + 2 x 2d6) and adding 15 (6 each for INT and SIZ and 3 for Runes) the probability of obtaining a given statistic total is as follows (for the top half of the distribution). N.B. the mean of 19d6 = 66.5. I hasten to add that application of RW math to Glorantha is specious at best. Your Probability Theory Will Vary etc.
  3. @lordabdul @Joerg- I listened to this on a walk this afternoon. Truly excellent episode. Many thanks to @Scotty for sharing your thoughts and insights. I found the examples particularly helpful. The podcast explained very well the intuition of these mechanics and how to apply them in practice. The RQG book explains the rules (the 'what'), this podcast is really informative on the 'how'. Top marks.
  4. Thanks - installed it yesterday. Nice to see there’s a good deal of auto calc in there already. It’s good to have FVTT as an option for RQG at last.
  5. Thanks - will download and take a look.
  6. Agree with this. I've been idly toying with how to remove some of the back-and-forth tedium that sometimes arises ('Great, I hit the Broo at last!', 'The Broo parries'..). When I finished playing RQ in the late 90's I had fully converted to PenDragon Pass - it flowed so well. After a few diverting mental excursions that variously involved spreadsheets and me learning to code APIs I landed up back with RQG not being so bad after all. Given Roll20 is my only option to play RQG I am certainly unwilling to hack anything that would mean I can't use the character sheet.
  7. Good point, like with RBoM. Certainly helps their cashflow.
  8. Spot on. I'm thrilled that there seems to be so much on the way. Jeff mentioned in an FB post that Weapons and Equipment and Cults are ahead of the Sartar Boxed Set for which layout may complete this year. Given printing, shipping etc I'd guess it will be a while before we are able to purchase those. I recall hearing about a Gamemaster book, somewhere or other. It would be lovely to get some teasers of these books too. In the meantime the best thing to do is play more RQ. I'm very much enjoying fleshing out some adventures for my players to drive a wedge between the Zethnoring and the other Locaem clans.
  9. Or some tables to randomly generate appearance?
  10. Wait... what?... Well I never... With each passing thread here I feel like i should read the RQG rule book again. Or at least read what is in it rather than what I think is in it...
  11. Breaking news… a bunch of dudes in the 40-50 age range were apprehended staging a marine boarding action on the COSCO Spain off the coast of California. Authorities say the group were extremely disoriented and claimed to be looking for Jonstown. They were released after saying they were very sorry and wouldn’t do it again and hoped the US Coast Guard wouldn’t tell their partners.
  12. Suggestion for NPC rolls but interested in the views of others. Add a check box "Display skill" on NPC skill rolls: I don't intend to Whisper rolls for my NPC's (dice as rolled etc) but I'm reluctant to display the NPC's skill level to my players: Maybe this is an edge case in terms of play style? The easiest solution is simply to Whisper, I guess.
  13. Hi Is anything known about Goodfield in SW Sartar? From a read of Pegasus Plateau it looks like it might be the clan settlement for the Yalmoring clan who were granted lands near Sartar's bridge. Thank you.
  14. The more I read this thread I confess I wonder what version of RQ I am playing. I'm enjoying reading aspects of RQ2, 3 and G which I had forgotten or never noticed. Or noticed and ignored in favour of house rules and MGF. I do know that the write-up of impales, slashes and crush hits in RQG was almost incomprehensible compared to the simple write up in the back of RQ2 (IIRC). Fortunately those rules are implemented in the Roll20 character sheet macros so I really don't need to know them. I read RQ2 in 1980 and played it until 1984 when I read RQ3 and then played some version of that until the late 90's. Then went into a deep freeze. I skimmed through the RQG rules in April this year as I thawed out. I'm not intending to play anything other than RQG but I wouldn't want to be audited by Chaosium. Thankfully they aren't the Orderium and an audit seems unlikely. Whatever version I am playing, my players and I are enjoying it. In the meantime I stop by here every day to see whether there's an announcement that the Starter Set is on now sale so thanks all for keeping these threads going while I wait 🙂
  15. I think ‘vs’ will work just fine. Thanks
  16. Hi, I'm exploring the reach of the Redsmith's guild of Smithstone as a potential plotline. Do Lunar Redsmiths worship Gustbran too? I can see that Gustbran is a Lowfire who has been taken into the Storm tribe. Would some sense or aspect of Gustbran have remained in the Fire tribe and been inherited by the Lunar empire? Or might Redsmiths have found a patron amongst the Lunar gods and goddesses (Yanafal Tarnils?). YGWV etc but wondering if there is an answer to this I haven't found. Thank you.
  17. Thank you. Checked back on the GM Screen Pack and lots of useful material added - the Apple Lane and Clearwine maps are very handy for Roll20. The RQ Players Pack is a great resource.
  18. Hi Chao, To be frank, I don't have a problem with Resistance rolls as they are. I toyed with the idea of introducing spendable 'Luck' per COC 7ed but discounted it as I think that's what Runes and Passions are for (i.e. giving you a better shot that you would normally get). Essentially I like the rules as written in this regard. You could certainly try your proposal out but it does seem as if it could lead to a lot of die-rolling and some game-breaking imbalance. Firstly you are breaking the narrative flow for a series of die rolls. The passive party in the resistance roll will very much be a hostage to fortune i.e. the whim of the active party. That seems somehow 'unfair'. Secondly, someone with sufficient MP could simply keep rolling until they succeed, which rather removes the uncertainty from the contest. The number of trials you require before a success is modelled by the negative binomial distribution. From a quick calculation (=NEGBINOM.DIST) an active party in a 50/50 resistance roll has a 98.4% chance of success if they are prepared to spend 4MP (i.e. to get five attempts). That seems to undermine the notion of the resistance test being 50/50... It's really not for me to say what will work or won't in your campaign. Do what you wish and what your players enjoy. That said, you asked for feedback and you now have mine. Good on you though for being prepared to tinker and make it your own.
  19. I suspect I wouldn’t be playing RQG at all if it wasn’t for the development you have done on the character sheet. My players are hugely impressed at how seamless the player experience is - attack, damage and location rolls are efficient, even some stat augment spirit magic is built in. Thank you. Gamechanging - literally. Given my only RPG opportunities are virtual, I will only be playing games that are digitally enabled. Thankfully, Chaosium’s game are to some extent. Running with your train of thought, it seems plausible that most of the development in this space will come from the big guns. Which I guess means Hasbro/WOTC - they have the resources to innovate and their recent results call showed that D&D is performing very well. Very much of anything else for any other system would have to be more in the ‘labour of love’ space. I have been a Chaosium fan-boy for 40 years but if I had the skills, time and needed to get paid, I would probably innovate/start-up for D&D. Bigger market. VTTs are super interesting because platform economics may be starting to emerge. If more and more people are drawn to RPG through a VTT then the power could start to shift to the VTT from the games companies as owning the customer relationship. App Store, Netflix etc. I’d wager someone at Hasbro is already staring at Roll20 and figuring out whether they should vertically integrate. Then they can build out more content, enablement, subscription services etc without Roll20 clipping the ticket. So I’m looking forward to the innovation, recognising that it will be monetised.
  20. I was thinking the same. There is already blurring between TTRPG with PC gaming/tools. Roll20 certainly allows remote gaming but it (and other applications) may have a roll to play to 'computer assist' TTRPG. Imagine being able to select spirit magic and the various modifiers just play through automatically. You cast a Shimmer 2 and the negative modifier is automatically applied to the NPC attacking you. D&D has an app (D&D Beyond?); there are various RPG campaign management tools. I have heard (but not verified) that the Free League games have excellent implementations in Foundry VTT. It's good to see this innovation. Imagine being able to play a (TT)RPG like RQG without really having to know the rules because so much of the mechanical aspects are taken care of for you. That lowers the barriers to entry and creates a greater addressable market e.g. PC gamers. I can see aspects of VTTs that may well be of service even for a face-to-face TTRPG session. For example, having a map on which to move virtual characters and NPC's. I'm looking forward to what this phase of innovation delivers.
  21. YGWV. If you want them, have them. Who can possibly say how the Humakt cult has evolved in different places and at different times. You could have fun with Humakti from one area encountering a wandering Humakti God talker. Each of them stridently convinced the other is doing it wrong.
  22. Righto. Add that to the list of things in RQG I hadn't noticed!
  23. Not at all. No RM use in 5 sessions so far. I suspect this is mostly because they are so used to thinking of RM as one-use. I suspect they will get used to it over time but I don't see SM fading away - it's just so useful.
  24. Hello, My desire to read, write and play Glorantha and RQ material far exceeds the time I have available. My answers therefore reflect a 'path of least resistance'. RQG Started in May after a c.25 year RPG 'deep freeze' Earth Season 1625 Sartar. Colymar lands thus far. Ranging from the Broken Tower (Quickstart) in the South to Apple Lane (GM Adventures) in the North. Ernaldoring clan. Mostly descendants of a notable but bastard daughter of Brandgor, grandfather of Chief Baranthos. GM Screen Maps+Adventures book (indispensable), Glorantha Sourcebook (interesting background), Glorantha Bestiary (expanding on Aldryami in Tarndisi's Grove), HQ Sartar Companion (useful background on Sartar, Encounters, Clans, Personalities, Locations), Duel at Dangerford (ideas and background), Six Seasons in Sartar (ideas). Published scenarios, linked by GM whim and events of the party's own making with reference to sandbox elements of GM Adventures. Haven't gotten far enough for it to diverge very much but see Duel at Dangerford for a neat example of making deviations work. No idea how to respond, sorry. Like asking the goldfish to describe what the goldfish bowl looks like from the outside. Fun, I hope. The players want to do more but they haven't played RPGs in 25 years either so I'm not sure they are the best judges. Roll some characters and start with something low-key. Introduce elements of Glorantha as you see fit. Most importantly - give it a go and if you are enjoying it then you're doing it right. Concepts such as YGWV and MGF are important. You bought the rules, it's your game now no-one else's. Another good areas to start is Sun County on the River of Cradles as it's a fairly long way from anywhere and the locals are insular (the Sandheart series of scenarios on JC is worth a look). NB I play on Roll20, not face-to-face. If the RQ character sheet were not available in Roll20 I expect we would have put RQG in the 'too hard' basket and be playing something else instead (CoC probably). I should add that I discovered this website https://basicroleplaying.net/rqg/adversaries/index.php from listening to Chaosium's Ian Cooper on a podcast - it is a revelation for GM enablement and well worth a look. Hope this helps,
  25. Is it worth pinning? Lots of useful advice here that ought to be easy to find.
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