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Blank Genealogy Chart?

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These look OK, but only go back so far.

You could do one on a spreadsheet fairly easily.

It all depends on what information you are trying to capture.

A Mind Map might be a better way of capturing the relationships.






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I'd actually suggest freehand or a simple charting app (I use Pencil open-source, multi-platform https://pencil.evolus.vn/Downloads.html).

I use genealogy software as part of my job and I can't recommend anything simple enough for what you are doing.

Freehand lets you add stuff easily (start with a sheet bigger than you think or in a word processor A3). Write in pencil as you can easily change it.

Charting apps are good as you can just drag stuff around and it remains connected.

The simplest charts to fill in can be found on the LDS site

You can see good freehands here: 


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20 hours ago, WindyHoof47 said:

Are there any fillable genealogy charts about?  Probably a bit niche but could anyone provide a link please?

All my PC's are related in their clan so i need this for my campaign

I just use Powerpoint to draw all my clan genealogies.  Easy to draw and link boxes - fill in different color codes as needed.

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