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Deity of lies/deceitfulness ?


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Is there a specific gloranthan deity associated with lies and deceitfulness ? I know we have Eurmal and Bolongo who are tricksters ,who are involved with lies and  deceit.And I seem to remember Krjalk being associated with treachery and betrayal.

I suppose what I'm asking is there a deity you would point at and say "ah , thats the deity of lies" as opposed to " ah that's a deity of lies"

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If you're a Carmanian, the top tier of their religion is essentially dualist / Manichaean, with an opposition between Idovanus the Wise Lord and Ganesatarus the Father of Lies, the Evil One. Outside of Carmania, he isn't widely known. Gloranthans aren't as absolutist about these things as you might think (absent God Learners; and the Carmanians hated the God Learners).

There isn't a "Lie" Rune, so there isn't a generally-agreed Runic Owner of the concept of Lying. (Trickster has that Lie Rune spell, of course, which might point you in a certain direction; and Lanbril has a lot of useful deceptive magic. But did they invent / own "lying"? Possibly not)

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3 hours ago, Nick Brooke said:

Ganesatarus the Father of Lies, the Evil One

2 hours ago, Joerg said:

Gbaji, the Deceiver … may be hiding behind other masks

If in doubt, ask Yelm, now resident in a home for bewildered deposed emperors (or at least, every one of them claims to be Napoleon — it is something in the wallpaper, I think):


Father of Lies? The Deceiver? Some impudent, bloody-handed pup once came up to me and claimed that in the future all the contradictory accounts of the past would be true. Him. That fellow. What was his name? Rebellus Wilsonius? Bus Terminus? Boris Johnson? Oh, I forget! Can I have my pills and a nice lie down, now? Thank you, nurse.

So, there you have it.

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Another addition to an old thread - these might continue, I'm trying to catch up after my pandemic-induced hiatus - but the East Isles have Avanapdur, the Lord of Illusion. He is part of their Greater Darkness Era, except it was an empire of terrible splendor. Then it was revealed to be a lie, which was, iirc, basically their version of the Dawn. It's not QUITE on the money, but it seems pertinent if you ever bump into any East Islanders.

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As others have said, the opposite of "Truth" is "Illusion", not "Lies". Illusions can be lies, but oddly enough they can also be the most fundamental truths as well. But that's riddler talk.

As to Gbaji, yes he's "The Deceiver" but I imagine a lot of deities who or whose followers have carried out some form of deceitful activity get dubbed "The Deceiver" by their enemies, and among those people that becomes all that they are known for.

I don't think that there is a universal God of Lies, other than Trickster's Liar aspect, there are regional ones like Raven in Prax, some might say that they are aspects of the Universal Trickster. But that's godlearner talk.

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