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Mithras skills to brp skills


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Skill %'s I would mostly use as-is.

A few specific skills may split out somewhat differently.  Even in Chaosium-published games, some BRP's have fewer/broader skills, some have more granularity.
Again -- for a single adventure or two -- I'd just use the Mythras content as-written, skills should be pretty intuitive.

Be aware of Mythras "combat styles" which each apply the same %skill to a small suite (typically 3-5) of weapons; again, just roll the BRP weapon with the Mythras skill.  This is the one I might bump a little bit:  because Mythras "Special Effects" are a bit more generous than BRP "Criticals," the combatants tend to be a bit more-dangerous, so I'd consider increased BRP combat skills to create the same effect.

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