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Unwilling Hero Quest Opponent - Hero Quest Basics

Erol of Backford

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The summoning of evil is an obvious heroquest which draws in opponents regardless of their willingness.

There is a beautiful example in “Orlanth is dead”. The moment the summons is complete, the Lunar army commander loses contact with command - but rashly decides to push on anyway, because the summons made his presence at the battle inevitable.

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On 12/19/2022 at 9:54 PM, soltakss said:

My gut feeling is that not accepting the HeroQuest Challenge results in a deviation, especially if you are on a Re-enactment HeroQuest. You don't necessarily fail the HeroQuest, you are simply on another, possibly untrod, path. So, in the Birth of Babeester Gor HeroQuest, if Babeester Gor does not accept the challenge of opposing Zorak Zoran attacking Ernalda, then Ernalda might die, Babeester Gor might not be born and Zorak Zoran might keep his Axe, in reality the Zorak Zorani might be able to use Axe at Maul chance, effectively a permanent Tree Chopper Song effect, the Ernaldan might tale an unhealable wound and the Babeester Gori might be unable to use an axe.

The consequences could be minor, or could be severe. It depends on the HeroQuest and the situiation.

I just play Spell for Spell, Skill for Skill, Ability for Ability.

So, in RQ terms, if you wager a spell and lose then you lose the spell, however if you win you gain the opponent's wagered spell. If you wager a skill you could lose all the skill, and the opponent's skill could be increased by your skill value, or you wager an amount of skill, say 50, and the loser loses 50 from their skill, with the winner gaining 5. Abilities are simply lost/gained, so Soltak Stormspear could wager his Immunity to Detect Life ability and could gain Permanent Mobility, for example.


In HeroQuest/QuestWorlds terms, you could gamble some of your Rating , a Breakout or a Keyword. If you gamble part of your Rating, the loser loses the amount gambled and the winner gains it, so Soltak Stormspear could gain +10 in his Storm Rune and Derak the Dark Troll might lose -10 from his Darkness Rune. If you gamble a Breakout, the loser loses it and the winner gains it. Same with Keywords, the loser loses the entire Keyword, with Breakouts, and the winner gains the Keyword. 


Hero Points appeared in HeroQuest and Mongoose's RuneQuest versions, I think.

You could use them as they are described in the rules. 

I am not sure what you mean by detailing the Hero Point stuff.

Hero points are in the suplement smoking ruins, green rock adventure. I also know about them thanks a recorded game (audio only) but I don't know if I can post some rules here. 

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23 hours ago, kalidor said:

Hero points are in the suplement smoking ruins, green rock adventure. I also know about them thanks a recorded game (audio only) but I don't know if I can post some rules here. 

That is interesting, I didn't know that, as I am on an embargo, as my GM might be running certain scenarios.

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