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Brainstorm 3, naming

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On my work in progress customized BRP system I have what I call for now - for lack of a better wording - "magic branches"

Think Avatar, you can be an "air bender" or "water bender', etc... although in that case the current "branches" have name like Elementalism, Soul, Spatial, Illusionism, Nature, Life, Death and a few cults related one. (Perhaps Divination too... not sure I like divination... but it might make it as an NPC exclusive).

Anyway, my thinking now is very simple, "magic branch" is a very underwhelming name. Magic Sphere? Not that great either. Any other ideas?

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Is this a somewhat "neutral" set of frpg mechanics, or are you producing a setting?

If it comes with a setting --  don't stick with just one term...

"The Spatial School"
"The Guild of Death"
"The Veil of Illusionists"

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Thanks, good suggestion! 🙂

It is for my home brew setting and adventures. I embarked on this work because of the lore I created (inspired by master of magic), a desire to make magic more... Hard magic like?  Though I have many school to still provide some surprises!

Also adding some rank / progression (quite like how this last bit turned out)

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