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Damage weapon question

Lloyd Dupont

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Carefully reading classic fantasy imperative, I realised I got mythras combat wrong for some time... :0


anyway, now I realise successful attack, always inflict damage.

successful defender always reduce all, some or none of the damage (depends on weapon size)

additionally one of the protagonist might win some combat effect.

if the attacker choose damage weapon, did the parry reduce the damage inflicted to the weapon?

I asked because it somewhat annoyed me the defender could use a weak half broken defensive item and get away with it with high skill, but damage weapon could be the solution to that ..  if it's not reduced by defence ..

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19 hours ago, Lloyd Dupont said:

if the attacker choose damage weapon, did the parry reduce the damage inflicted to the weapon?

My understanding is that the damage reduction from a Parry only applies to the defender, and not when the attacker chose Damage weapon.

I think it would be a terrible Special Effect if you had to use it with Bypass Parry versus a Shield or any big weapon.

@Loz , can you answer this ?

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So, the situation here would be if the attacker had a critical and the defender had a success. This would allow a single special effect by the attacker and a successful parry.

I can see Mugen’s point. It would be impossible to damage the weapon in this scenario because you wouldn’t have enough special effects to make any impact. On the other hand, it is also impossible to inflict a bleed effect as well. This assumes even sized weapons. Smaller weapons, though, would still be damaged. 

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4 hours ago, lawrence.whitaker said:

 My feeling is that weapon size should still be in play: ie, a dagger is going to have a tough time damaging a shield.

One for us ponder.

My feeling is that this is already covered by the fact small weapons tend to have low damage, which makes it difficult to beat other weapon's AP.

A dagger wielded by a character with a d2 damage bonus (total 1d4+1+1d2) will only damage a 6 AP weapon if the player rolls maximum damage. 1 chance out of 8.

If he uses a short Sword (d6+d2), he now has 3 chances out of 12 to damage it.

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