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OpenQuest 2 development update March 2014


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As sent out to the backers yesterday, shared with the rest of you interested in what's going on with OQ2 releases.

A bit later than I expected, the last update was Jan 21 for those of you keeping score, but I wanted to have something concrete to say than "I'm still working on stuff".

OpenQuest Basic Edition

This is now done, the final proof came back while I was away and I've just made my last amends and sent off for the final print proof to drivethru.rpg which should be with me around the end of next week. If all is well with it I will then order physical copies for those of you who pre-ordered physical copies of OQ2. I've uploaded the pdf to DrivethruRpg.com and will presently be sending out coupons for free copies to the address you gave during the pre-order. If this has changed since then please let me know at newt@d101games.com.

Breakfast with OpenQuest Basic Edition


Crucible of the Dragons (formally Here be Dragons)

Finally done and dusted. Some last minute art tweaking delayed this one a bit, but its worth it and don't shoot artist Simon Bray because he also a good half a dozen new pieces of art and a stunning colour map which graces the back cover of the book.

Also the book has had a change in title and is now known as "Crucible of the Dragons".

Went to proof today so the same timescales of delivery for the physical book as OQ Basics. Pdfs will go out to Demi-God backers via DriveThru coupons soon.


Savage North/Life and Death/OpenQuest Adventures

Work on these has been slow, with the focus on finalising OQ Basics and Here Be Dragons, but with those finished I now intend to get on with finalising those books to. Delivery dates have however slipped to early April, but I have a firm commitment to doing it by then.

Once the last of the physical books is done I'll look at refreshing OpenQuestRpg.com and putting the OpenQuest SRD online.

Head Honcho of D101 Games
Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

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But what is OpenQuest Basic edition? I like small and compact volumes - Age of Shadow is one good example. What is it missing from the OQ2 Deluxe edition?

Page 9 (or 10 in the PDF) has this to say:

What this Book doesn’t Contain

There is an expanded version of the Rules called OpenQuest Deluxe which contains the following additional content to expand your OpenQuest Basics game.

Characters. An expanded chapter with Ready Made Character Concepts, Optional Motives rules, Random Character generation and the Lifecycle of a character.

Skills. Optional Relationship and Wealth skills.

Introduction to Magic. A short chapter explaining the three systems of magic of OpenQuest.

Battle Magic. Expanded to include rules for Spirit Combat, Shamans and Hero Cults.

Divine Magic. The second of the three approaches of magic and the preserve of advanced magicians. This chapter deals with the magic of the gods, their worshipers, temples and the religious cults that serve them. Generic Cults to use as is or base your own religions on.

Sorcery. This type advanced magic that sets out magic as a set laws of the universe to be mastered by wizards and sorcerers.

The Quest and afterwards. Practical advice for players on what to expect on an adventure, how to improve their characters, and what their characters can do in-between adventures, are included. Guidelines for Other World Questing, Domain Level Quests, and War!

Creatures. An expanded chapter with many more creatures for you to use in your game.

Plunder: A chapter about magic items and other treasure that can be found on a Quest.

The Empire of Gatan. A setting for OpenQuest, to either use in your games or as an example to base your own creations.

The Road Less Travelled. An example Quest, suitable for beginning players and Games Masters using characters that have just been created.

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And for balance, here's what OQ Basics does contain

What this Book Contains

In addition to this Introduction the book contains the following chapters.

Characters. This chapter gives rules and advice on how to create your character,

which is your alter ego in the fantasy world.

[Newt sez: a cut down version of OQ Deluxe version that uses the Points buys system, which is kinda default for OQ, to create characters]

Skills. This chapter details the skills that your character will use to perform tasks

and actions. It gives rules on how skills are used in various types of situations.

[Newt sez: Identical to the OQ Deluxe chapter]

Equipment. The tools of your character’s trade. All the weapons, armour

and other pieces of equipment your character will need to pursue a career in

adventuring are found here.

[Newt sez: Identical to the OQ Deluxe chapter]

Combat. Hand to hand, missile and unarmed combat is the meat of this


[Newt sez: Identical to the OQ Deluxe chapter]

Other Rules. This chapter holds quick ‘Spot rules’ on the hazards that a

character may encounter during their adventure such as poison, disease, falling,

fatigue and encumbrance.

[Newt sez: This is all the other rules from Chapter 7 The Quest and Afterwards, without all the GM/Player advice]

Battle Magic. This chapter details the basic rules as to how magic works within

the game. Its focus is on Battle Magic, a magic system that all player characters

have access to. This chapter lists all the spells from that system.

[Newt sez: Identical to the OQ Deluxe chapter, but without anything to do with Spirits, so no spells to do with Binding or Warding spirits, no spirit combat or Shaman rules]

Creatures. How monsters are more than mere sword fodder, and how to use

them as foils, nemesis, allies, henchmen, Goons/Followers and villains. This chapter

concludes with a listing of creatures with full game stats.

[Newt sez: Identical to the OQ Deluxe chapter, but with smaller numbers of monsters and animals]

Overall OQ Basic Edition is a concise version of the game, which you can use as a player/GM reference, and as quick start game.

And when it goes on General release, once the backers all have their copies, the pdf will be Pay what you want and the print version will be relatively low cost (seeing as the book is no-art).

Head Honcho of D101 Games
Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

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Full list of books coming out of the OQ2 campaign, or 'redevelopment campaign"

OpenQuest Deluxe (released) - The full game - Think RQ3 Deluxe ;)

OpenQuest Basic Edition (coming soon) - A concise version - Think RQ2 without any Spirit Combat, Shamans, Divine or Glorantha.

OpenQuest 1st Edition - its gone and not coming back. OpenQuest Deluxe replaces it.

Supplements - Adventure/Settings

Crucible of the Dragons (formally known as Here Be Dragons) - completely new - out late March/April

Savage North (Directors Cut) a cleaned up and slightly expanded version. - aiming for April

Life and Death (Expanded Edition) a cleaned up and slightly expanded version.- aiming for April.

OpenQuest Adventures - a mix of adventure creation articles and scenarios. -aiming for June/July.

Head Honcho of D101 Games
Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

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