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The "Advanced Readers Copy" (aka BRP Zero) PoD edition of the new BRP book that Chaosium originally did for final proof-reading / editing purposes and which (due to fan pressure) they also made available through their web site, was printed in a limited run of 420 (Jason Durall, the author, getting number 1...), the number being written inthe front of each book.

Some one suggested those who had a copy sig which one they got, hence the x / 420 notation in many peopel's signatures...


Nick Middleton

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What about those of us who tout the virtue of Patience and yet privately have none?

Screw what I said, I want the book! I want it NOW!


There. I think I just turned back into a 4 year old.

"Men of broader intellect know that there is no sharp distinction betwixt the real and the unreal..."

- H.P. Lovecraft

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