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genuine BRP fillable Character Sheet in color ;)


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Hi folks, here's my updated version of the editable BRP character sheet.

- you can add a picture in the top right hand of the sheet

- roll Character Attributes

- change the initial Skill values according to Fantasy/historic, Modern or Future (according to BRP rules)

- have all needed tables one click away during character creation

- Auto calculates the Characteristic rolls

- Auto calculates Skill Category Bonus

- EXPORT your character so you can import it later and edit it again with normal Acrobat Reader

- print the character sheet with a colorful font for easy reading

- now features a nicer font for easy reading

- nicely prints at 115% on an A4 paper sheet with nearly no wasted white margin

Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file, otherwise the Javascript routines in it will not work correctly or at all.

Download it from the Downloads section here!



Have fun!

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It still is, Nick, it still is. It is slow, unresponsive at times and their own version of Javascript sucks at times. But unfortunately it is still the most uniform document type able to run on different operating systems and still looking the same on all machines. There are other possibilities, but they either cost money, are very specific or do not run on all the various devices on the market.

The original fillable Charsheet I did was done in Acrobat 7, which was made available by Chaosium in 2008/2009. It also featured a dice roller, but it was extremely slow to use. With Acrobat X it got a bit better, but due to space constrictions I eventually decided to drop it.

I do a lot of Acrobat forms these days (freelancer) and it is really interesting what more you can do with a pdf. I am currently working on a layered Charsheet PDF for the different settings (Fantasy, Modern, Future) that adds a thematic border around the sheet to make it a bit more fancy. I'll make it available once it is finished. :)



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