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OpenQuest Adventures Now available in pdf & print


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Finally OpenQuest Adventures, an 80 page supplement with four adventures of varying flavours of Fantasy and an article by about using Gloranthan Runes with OpenQuest, is available in pdf & print via Drivethrurpg.com.  Print to follow in the coming weeks. 


Backers of the OpenQuest 2 IndieGoGo.com campaign have been send complementary copies via DriveThruRpg.com. Check your email and if you've not received an email from then, contact me at newt@d101games.com.


This book is an eighty page collection of scenarios and articles designed to show how OpenQuest can be used for different flavours of fantasy gaming. Within its pages you’ll be able to visit Ancient Rome, enjoy a short dungeon crawl, experience the horrors of a small hell and even the joys of the original D100 adventure setting Glorantha!

It is available via DriveThruRPG.com and Lulu.com

This book contains the following:


Deep in the Hole
In the settlement of Spearing, the Governor’s son has gone missing in a nearby ruined fort.
A short and deadly Dungeon adventure and small settlement for the characters to rest up between adventures.


Gloranthan Runes for OpenQuest
Runes are the building blocks of the Mythic World of Glorantha.
In this article you will learn how to use Gloranthan Magic with OpenQuest.


The Tomb of the Empty Emperor
The villainous Lunars have ridden to the city of Zonos, a vast ruined tomb of the Empty Emperor of Dara Happa.. It’s up to your plucky heroes Solar Heroes to prevent them raising this Chaotic God from the dead.
An alternative “What if” take on Classic Glorantha, and an example of how to handle Epic adventures.


Non Semper Erit Aestas
AD 68. The Emperor Nero is dead. His Generals are in revolt and rebellion is brewing in the Rhine.
How to use OpenQuest in a Historical Fantasy setting, in this case the Ancient Roman Empire.


The Road to Hell
The Villainous noble Jerick Ionos has been exiled from the Empire, he’s escaped and headed down the old Imperial Road into the wilderness. Dare you take the Imperial coin to track down this Villain?
An Other World adventure, set in an evil pocket Hell, where all is not what it seems. Villains are heroes and heroes are villains.


UPDATE 25/06/2015


Now available in print via Drivethrurpg (see link above) & Lulu.com




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Excellent cover. I have seen it before somewhere...I suspect it may have been going to be used for another product at some stage. It captures the ancient feel quite well, which is pretty relevant considering the Gloranthan and Roman scenarios.

I love the Gloranthan Runes section. I had been tinkering with RQ3 for a few years and had developed a similar concept after being influenced by HeroQuest. I think if we return to that campaign I will use this Rune system as is, unless the troupe is happy to jump over to RQ6. In that case I hope Design Mechanism does something similar, otherwise I'll port this across to it.

I love OQ, its a neat version of BRP yet so easy to use its resources for other games such as BRP BGB or RQ6.

You've done a good thing here Newt

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