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HeroQuest publications and links (non-gloranthan)


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HeroQuest publication list for non-gloranthan HeroQuest publications:

Gloranthan HeroQuest publications can be found in the Glorantha Publications thread.


HeroQuest link list for websites with non-gloranthan HeroQuest content:

Websites with Gloranthan HeroQuest content can be found in the Glorantha Links thread.


Please post in this thread if you find a non-gloranthan HeroQuest publication or website missing from this list!

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On 24.6.2017 at 3:05 PM, tobarstep said:

The link to the core rules is dead. It looks like this might be the better source now: http://www.chaosium.com/heroquest-pdf/


23 hours ago, Oracle said:

This is also true for the German version of the core rules: HeroQuest - Das Regelbuch.


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21 hours ago, yojimbo said:

D101 Games published two non Glorantha book for HeroQuest.

Ye Little Book of HeroQuest Dungeoneering

Ye Little Book of HeroQuest Monsters

They appear to be out of print now.

If they're not available for purchase even as PDF they won't make it to the list. OOP publications for the various systems are too numerous to keep track of.

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17 hours ago, Andrew J. Luther said:

I've put up some material on recreating D&D using HeroQuest (including downloadable sample characters) on my site, and I will be adding more material each week, including some free "genre packs" over the next few months.

My site is www.andrewjluther.com, and the first D&D post is here.


I've done some similar adaptations. Let's start a separate thread to discuss & share.

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Hot on the heels of the ORC SRD release, a new 3rd party QuestWorlds game has appeared! Get Alliance on itch.io!


Alliance is a science fiction game that lets you play in settings inspired by Firefly, Blake's 7, and Cowboy Bebop. You play down-on-your-luck characters flying a ship, living from job to job while evading the influence of the Alliance, a dictatorial central government.

Alliance uses the QuestWorlds™ rules. QuestWorlds is a rules-light, easy-play game that resolves conflicts quickly. Characters are described narratively, focusing on imagination, not detailed simulation. You can get the free SRD version here

The Alliance game book layout has clean typography and is inspired by the art-free 1977 Traveller Little Black Books. With no art, you can use your imagination as to what 'My Alliance Universe' or 'My Federation Universe' looks like.


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