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Revolution launch at FG Con 8


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What better opportunity to launch a new game than a Convention?

Revolution will launch during the virtual convention Fantasy Grounds Con 8, April 8-10 2016. You will have the opportunity to take part in an online demo of the game. I have already submitted a high fantasy game, "The Son of Darkness", for Saturday evening, and more games including El Dorado (which I have already run at FG Con 2 with the BGB ruleset) will follow. The more players subscribe, the more genres I will demonstrate. We already have Historical Fantasy and High Fantasy coming, but I also have Steampunk and Planetary Romance available.

The teaser I have already posted portrays the Fantasy Grounds extension for Revolution. The extension is free and will be available for everyone willing to play after the Con. A free library with the SRD will become available after the SRD has gone gold - and whoever plays at the con will have the latest version of the rules available online during the games, via FG.

Players need not have a FG license. I am an Ultimate GM so you can play in my games for free - just download the software and play.

Subscribe, and have fun



FG Con 8 Invite A Friend April 8-10th 2016 Register at www.fg-con.com for all the latest info.




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