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Runes of Flamal


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While preparing a new HeroQuest Glorantha character for a new player, who wants to use Flamal as his patron deity I've run into the issue, that the runes given for this god differ depending on the source book you're using:

  • Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, p. 106 - a rune, which could be read as Aldrya but probably should be Plant, Life
  • Guide to Glorantha, Vol. I, p. 150 - Plant, Infinity, Plant
  • HeroQuest Glorantha, p. 141 - Plant, Harmony, Plant

Which rune combination is the correct one to use (in a HeroQuest context)? Although the Guide of Glorantha should be the definite source if in doubt, I tend to use the HeroQuest Glorantha version (besides other reasons because it is the latest publication). But I would like to get some confirmation (from an official source would be greatly appreciated :)).

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The runes can vary depending on the nature of the cult. The best example we have (at the moment) is with Mallia. MAllia has  the runes of Darkness and Death, but when worshipped by the Broos, she also has Chaos.

Flammel is the source of the Plant rune, hence the Plant, Plant bit, however I can see other runes such as Harmony (in HQG) and may be others depending on his mythology in the region/culture. Maybe Life where Aldrya is isn't well know, even change in fast moving jungle environment.



Search the Glorantha Resource Site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com. Search the Glorantha mailing list archives: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/

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I would suggest that as he is a Great God Flamal has more than the three runes and variations in varying areas ...i would add maybe he has Earth and Fertility too in cominations with those listed...as for his "total" number of runes I would say it could be five Earth Fertility Harmony Plant and Plant

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4 hours ago, Jeff said:

The God Learners would say Plant, Harmony, Plant. The cult in Sartar for HQG purposes uses magic based on Plant and Harmony.

Shoot, I typed too fast - Plant, INFINITY, Plant. Don't let me type on four hours sleep.

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