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So I am soon to begin a new campaign of RuneQuest, reffing for my two best friends and girlfriend. They are all fairly green players so I am very much looking forward to introducing them to the wonders of Glorantha.

I'm planning to set them in Sartar, near Starfire Ridge just after the initial, but not complete domination, of Sartar by the Lunars as Orlanthi that get embroiled in rebellion. It's looking like I'm getting two Babeestor Ghor initiates (played by the two most brutal women in my life, fittingly) and un-confirmed on the other friend but probably an Orlanthi warrior.

My initial plan is to have the two Babeestor Ghorians at the Ernalda Temple by Clearwine, and have them tasked to escort an Ernalda priestess to the made up village of Broken-Sword, the sight of an old Humakti fortress (now ruined) which has been moved into by a small clan and turned into a village. My premise is, the crops are failing and the priestess is coming to pray for their renewal. There they meet the other player and begin adventures in Sartar, probably starting with a hunt for some missing villagers (it ain't going well for the people of Broken-Sword) that ends up with them on Starfire Ridge fighting broo.

Beyond that and a couple of random ideas, I don't have a massive plan for how they end up embroiled in anti-Lunar rebellion or on general adventures for them.

Anyone got any thoughts/concepts that have worked for them or they think would apply?

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On 16/05/2016 at 11:28 AM, Viktor said:

I have the Sartar Companion which is what made me think of having them go to Starfire Ridge, but don't have Kingdom of Heroes. Cheers Pentallion I will have to look for it.

I agree with Pentallion, Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes is a great book, as is in my opinion the whole HQ2/HQ:G line. It is what get me back to Glorantha after a very long hiatus.

You should have a look at the latest "Wyrms Footnotes" (available through Lulu). There is a very good description of "The Far Place" which could be a great setting for the kind of adventures you want to run. But there is also an article called "Campaigns of Glorantha" that could well be what you are looking for, particularly the two charts presenting the "Army Activity by Homeland" and "Events in Home Lands" from 1602 to 1625. It is very easy to use the events and army activities as plot hooks or rumors from distant lands.

Barbarian Adventures for HeroWars could also be very useful, particularly the "Clan Activities" and "A Year of Chaos" sections. With these, you have all the tools for running a campaign in which the players are deeply involved in the life of their community which in turn becomes a source of adventures.

The Unspoken Word #2 "The Thieves Arm" might be difficult to find but could also be worth a look. The action takes place in the Bush Range and involves a criminal group getting caught into the Hero Wars.

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My Orlmarth campaign set below the Starfire Ridges started with Sartar Kingdom of Heroes (good for establishing Orlmarth clan background) and Sartar Companion (fleshing out areas such as Clearwine, the Starfire Ridges, and Colymar Wilds.  As corvantir suggested, I also draw on the Sartar Rising: Barbarian Adventures book and the Dragon Pass gazeteer book that came out with HW/HQ1.  There's also background material that I draw on from old Wyrms Footprints, and I transposed a scenario from the old RQ3 Sun County book that fit well.

I tend to put together a lot of background material for my players.  As it's a PbF campaign, you can find online here: HQG Orlmarth background

Feel free to borrow if it suits you.

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Fantastic suggestions and help there guys. I will have to track some of this stuff down, I have some ideas going now and can improv well but having solid adventures and hooks would be awesome. Your names shall be sung of in the stars!

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