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    Fictional biography of Viktor: An Odaylan hunter from the Colymar lands, sent away with a few kin as the Lunar invasion grew near. Travelling across the Prax, Viktor became a staunch Orlanth Adventurous, a lay member of Issaries and later a River Voice of Zola Fel. He once impressed a zebra chieftain so much he was honoured with a zebra mount and named as a friend to the tribe. Coming to reside in Pavis but harbouring a deep resentment towards the Lunars, he vowed to one day return as an Orlanthi Rune Lord, if not Hero and roust the Lunars from his homelands. He dreamed of becoming a king and ruling his people in the traditional ways of the Orlanthi.

    Taught by my Dad, an old school original player since the age of 10. Near 16 years as a roleplayer, perhaps ten also reffing (what I call GMing) having played a multitude of games.
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    Home-brewed Hogwarts roleplaying.
    Eberron at the beginning of a god war.
    Soon to be started RuneQuest Glorantha game with me reffing.
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    Cardiff born nerd, living in Wakefield. I have joined to gain information for my ambitiously detailed game of RuneQuest which I am planning for and to talk with fellow Gloranthans.

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  1. Viktor


    And driving on river beds means no wreckage of the sparce grasslands.
  2. Viktor


    Well we need cows because we can't plow fields well without them. Morocanth need humans because they don't have thumbs. XD
  3. Not much point playing epic fantasy then XD Despite the low power beginnings, with its huge complex myth RuneQuest is epic fantasy. Guess what epic fantasy has? Heroes.
  4. Viktor


    And as we know, rivers are spirits or maybe even draconic (?) so they could be both the seasonal rivers as a metaphor for Ronance's power AND the actual chariot pullers literally. Pretty cool.
  5. .What is so narrow about it? All cultures in our world had runic, symbolic language that they would daub onto themselves and build into their jewelerry and weapons. The languages varied far more for us because none of them were demonstrably true. Yes you have a unified rune system in RQ, but given the fact that everything in the mythos is literally real, that makes sense. Runes are the language with which the deities speak. Or, at least the language with which Gloranthans understand and interpret them. If all gods interact and all are real then that language would have to be pretty much the sa
  6. So either just a true breed to baseline or some sort of horribly inbred, vaguely goat-like person? Yeah that makes sense to be fair! I am now envisaging a furred human with horns, really badly arranged facial features and as both broo and humans are very susceptible to mutation, probably other dire mutational features.
  7. Fantastic suggestions and help there guys. I will have to track some of this stuff down, I have some ideas going now and can improv well but having solid adventures and hooks would be awesome. Your names shall be sung of in the stars!
  8. I understand that when broo er, propagate the offspring are part the parent broo and part host animal, with obvious odd hybridisation and chaos mutations in many cases. E.g. a chicken broo that uses a cow would presumably make a horned chicken or a cow with a beak maybe. So what happens when broo use humans as a host? Let's say a goat broo used a person as host?
  9. I wanted and have always wanted to play a Humakti duck and become a hero as that character, to show his viability as a character. To play him totally seriously. They are an interesting race.
  10. Viktor


    Well there we go, Waha gifts intelligence to a single group of herd men because the Morokanth tribe that own them break the covenant, possibly even forsake Waha as a god utterly. So he gives intelligence to these herd men, to rebel and kill their Morokanth masters as punishment. Once that challenging task is complete, the players must struggle to be seen as true men and to gain status in society. Once it is known Waha gifted them intelligence they could probably do okay but they have the stigma of having been herd and not all would believe their origin necessarily. Even when religion is True,
  11. Say something like, he can enchant the item and sacrifice the POW but every time it is used, it takes another point in order to properly bring the person back to life. If he complains, point out how he is trying to god mod the game and that you have to place limiters so that your story can survive.
  12. At the end of the day, every roleplaying game source book I have ever read says if the rules get in the way: dispense with them for greater gaming and story-telling and greater fun. I think serious mythology, world-building and theurgy can mesh just fine with fun, playable fiction. In fact what else is it? Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings as a love letter to his own linguistic genius and to Norse sagas. Pratchett wrote Discworld as a way to satire just about everything that humans have ever said or thought. (Alright, Discworld is much less serious and lofty anyway, but later it took on real, ta
  13. Viktor


    See I like this idea of them being almost like Agimori but due to evolutionary and mythic needs as herd. Just as other herd animals are bred to become bigger, fatter, etc perhaps it is not impossible that this could happen with herd-men. What if certain Morokanth have bred stronger humans that could carry more and pull more. Humans have a usefulness other herd animals don't, hands. They can carry things another beast couldn't in a different manner. I came up with what I thought was an interesting idea once for a campaign. That the players actually play herd-men that by some accident
  14. That is an interesting idea. Perhaps one way to do it is to give every weapon a simple, special critical ability. Weapons in games can often feel very similar to each other, but many are very different in function even if they look similar.
  15. I have the Sartar Companion which is what made me think of having them go to Starfire Ridge, but don't have Kingdom of Heroes. Cheers Pentallion I will have to look for it.
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