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BRP1 Errata and Clarifications in the Wiki


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Hi all,

I've just created a section in Trif's new Wiki for "Errata and Clarifications" to the new BRP1. It's intended for those issues which Jason (etc) has indicated are "official" corrections or clarifications to the BRP1 text (rather than houserules, etc).

I've put two items in there so far - the clarification on the First Aid skill and the clarification on the "damage getting through a broken parrying weapon" bullet point at the bottom of the Attack & Defense Matrix.

Please feel free to add as required - but please also keep these restricted to "official" errata! :D

Hope that's all okay with you, Sverre!



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This seems churlish after all the hard work but.........

Could errat and official clarifications please be moved from

12. Appendices

to its own section

IMMOO that would make it easier to find.


PS: Dumb question but how does one register for the Wiki?

The answer to that might make a useful addition to the Wiki frontpage as well

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Take another look, more visible now? I'd prefer to keep it in the Appendices chapter, as it's basically just one article. Register clicking the Login button, then chosing the register option. Added it to the words on top. :)


Ef plest master, this mighty fine grub!
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Thank you for managing and hosting the wiki. This is a great resource. Your work is appreciated. :thumb:

Thank you! :) But except for the hosting and organizing of the wiki, the managing is up to you guys! So register and start writing articles! ;)


Ef plest master, this mighty fine grub!
b1.gif 116/420. High Priest.

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