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Makeshift Weapons


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a question came up last night during our M-space game and i didnt know the answer even after a quick search through m-space, mythras core, and mythras imperative. are there any rules for using things for weapons that wasnt intended to be used for weapons. for example using a trash can lid as a shield against a baseball bat? or a lamp as a blunt weapon etc. thanks in advance for any ideas.

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Classic Fantasy has the most basic of information for improvised weapons as an entry on both the one-handed and two-handed weapon tables. It really just serves as an example to serve as a base to extrapolate from.

Essentially, a 'generic' one-handed weapon does 1d6-1, has a Size of S to M, and a Reach of M. A 'generic' two-handed weapon does 1d8-1, has a Size of M to L (there is a typo noting it as S to M), and a Reach of S (typically, a two-handed improvised weapon, like a bar stool, will have a shorter reach then a one-handed improvised weapon, like a pool cue). However, this is subject to interpretation by the GM based on the actual item.

In all cases, an improvised weapon's Combat Effects are assigned on a case-by-case basis, and attacks are one grade more difficult.

I wish I had thought to add Improvised Shield to the Table.



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Rod's advice sounds very good. I usually go with 1d4 for most normal stuff like chairs, umbrellas and baseball bats. For sturdier objects made of wood or metal I use 1d6. Anything with a sharp edge might be best to compare with a traditional melee weapon and just downgrade damage a bit.


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I'm on the same page, quibbling aside.  Perhaps the biggest consideration is the Special Effect(s) that the impromptu weapon affords:  Stun, Bleed, Impale, Entangle, or what have you.

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