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Wind Child PC

Jon Hunter

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I'd allow it as it shouldn't be a problem.

They can fly, but that is never a game-breaker.

If you follow the Wind Children from the Vikings pack, they are claustrophobic, which might be a problem playability-wise.

They can control sylphs, but that is only a problem if you have storm-wielders as enemies.

So, no problems for me. My players have never wanted to play one, though.


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The Wind Children are also described in Anaxials Roster for HW. The claustrophobia didn't originate with Vikings, it dates right back to at least RQ2. It is always going to be an issue with play - I think most of them would never willingly enter an enclosed building, let alone go underground. 

I'd personally let them use their Air rune (which is pretty much mandatory) for use with Air spirit/Sylph charms pretty much for free, but it doesn't interfere with them joining theist cults (usually Air rune ones such as Orlanth). 

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We had fun with Wind Children.  Their society is hunter-gatherer and quite primitive compared to most.   Because their tribes are Kolat worshipers, their variation on the other air deities is shamanistic, but their interpretation of legends is usefully primordial.  Because they live in the mountains, they find the low air hard on their bodies.  They are also used to the disease free high altitudes and tend to have poor personal hygiene.  They are quite good at swoop and poop harpy style attacks too.

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