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Gloranthan Repository


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I read about the Miskatonic repository in the Ab Chaos newsletter. This provides a way of publishing Call of Cthulhu scenarios etc through Drive Thru RPG.


Are there any plans to do something similar for Glorantha?

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Same-ish query applies to the Cult of Chaos OP Program, vis-a-vis forum/etc support here (or wherever)!

I presume the same (probable) answer -- once the Core Rules & the actual OP campaign are out the door -- applies.

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Plus of course I imagine the sales and popularity of the game and public engagement will need to justify the time and effort spent. We’re very lucky that most of the Nu Chaosium crew are avid Gloranthaphiles, otherwise I doubt RQ would have received the enormous input of time and energy it’s received.

Simon Hibbs

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Check out the Runequest Glorantha Wiki for RQ links and resources. Any updates or contributions welcome!

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