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13th Age Glorantha update: rewards to be sent out in the next week


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We've just heard that 13th Age Glorantha and The Glorantha Sourcebook have arrived at our UK warehouse, so we now have copies in all three of our fulfilment locations, so we will commence distribution of the Kickstarter rewards from all three locations (Australia, USA, UK) later this week. 

More details at the update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/416625372/13th-age-in-glorantha/posts/2250989

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If it's anything like the RQClassic KS fulfillment, there is a "please confirm your original shipping info" step.  Did you see such a query, & reply to it?

I also recall there being a notable delay between when the first backers announced their shipping-cart, and the end of such announcements.  The contracted fulfillment centers just take TIME to process all those orders (once they begin).

No guarantee that the RQClassic and 13G ks will run the same, of course.

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