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Book of Sires - Errors Thread


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4 hours ago, Tizun Thane said:

Anyway, the age of mythical characters doesn't really matter. Guenever is what 80? when she is caught in adultery, and she is more beautiful than ever.

According to her stats she is 61 in 558, and had lost one point of APP from her youth. The ageing table can be very forgiving at times. Especially if you have tons of glory to stave off the effects on one attribute that you desire to keep. 

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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It's not exactly an error per se. I was studying the  Brittany Tree (p.67) and I was wondering. Where is the duke Hoel of Cornouaille? It's an important figure and Geoffrey of Monmouth said he is related to Arthur in some ways, so... I suppose he is a son of Meliau, King of Vannetais. This Meliau shoud have two sons at least. King Conan of Vannetais then duke Hoel. Their war in 536/537 became much more interesting.

By the way, the french region of Cornouaille in Britanny is without any "s" in French, so I suppose it's a typo.


british Cornwall = in French  "Cornouailles" (with an "s")

Cornouaille = in French "Cornouaille" in Britanny (without an "s"). Same pronunciation.

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Beyond the scope of the book. Cornouailles (following Greg's spelling, up to David if that gets changed in later editions) is not established as its own kingdom/dukedom until later. Knights Adventurous says: "Duke Hoel is King Mark's man, and is in charge of the recent emigrants to this underpopulated land." Given that KA (and 4th edition that followed) start in 531, this could very well mean 'within a generation', even after the Battle of Terrabil. It is a question to be nailed down when Brittany timeline is detailed more closely.

HRB says this: "For Hoel was sister's son unto Arthur, born unto Dubric, King of the Armorican Britons." I suspect that we will not be following HRB in this case, since we are pretty much all out of (half-)sisters. Malory mentions "thy cousin Sir Howell", which, when stretching the cousin definition to include more distant cousins, would be easier to do tracing back to Aldronius and Constantin. It would be a bit more difficult to do it via Ygraine, given the background Ygraine was given in BoS... But given that we have Cador of Cornwall in GPC as a kinsman of Arthur via Ygraine, doing the loop via Ygraine to Hoel would not be that far of a stretch. Like a brother or sister or even a cousin who marries into either Brittany family or within Cornwall, and the son, Hoel, is then appointed as the Duke of Cornouailles. We'll see.

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