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The RQ Encounter Generator

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#1 Michael Hopcroft

Michael Hopcroft

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Posted 02 February 2014 - 06:37 PM

The RQ Encounter Generator looks like a really good tool. So far I've had a lot of fun just building encounters. Now I'm wondering about templates. A few of the obvious questions, which have probably been asked many times before, come to mind:

1. Can anyone who has an account (I just made one) create a template?

2. Are those templates automatically available to everyone else?

3. I haven't tried to make one yet, so I'm wondering how doing so works?

4. Is there any sort of vetting or commenting process, and does anyone have the authority to delete a template they consider inappropriate for the site (such as a trademark infringement, intentional or no)?

5. How do tags work?

#2 Baragei



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Posted 02 February 2014 - 07:57 PM

1. anyone can make a new(or rather modify a) template. So you could take the boar, buff it up, and call it a direboar.
2. provided you release it, yes. Or you can choose to just keep it for yourself.
3. if you want a brand new template instead of working with what's already there, I think the powers that be(skoll or hkokko over at the TDM-boards) have to approve/make it.
4. not to my knowledge. I assume the creators can delete things they feel are inappropriate.
5. I am not sure.

That thing is very, very cool. Should the creators drop by, here's my thumbs up.

#3 hkokko


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Posted 08 February 2014 - 06:43 PM

Saw this just a moment ago. Sorry for late reply

1,2 answered already.
3 New templates can be done by anyone logged to the system. New races can only be done by skill,pruneau and myself (hkokko). The race is basically just a hitloc template and most of the usually occurring hitloc variations have been handled already - just grab a template made on a race with appropriately hitlocced race and modify away. If you really need a new race contact one of us on thedesignmechanism forum
4. No vetting at the moment. We trust that people will do the right thing. When something appears we can delete stuff if we need to. So far no need.
5. These are just very very very rough thoughts on guidelines.

There are couple of 'reserved' tags. If the enemy is from Glorantha and "generally accepted" to be - add a keyword Glorantha and other Gloranthan keywords like Gloranthan place names to it. "Generally accepted" means roughly has been described in a Gloranthan supplement.

Same way for Monster Island.

I would reserve "Mythic Rome" and other "Mythic" etc for the possibly upcoming books.

If it is from neither of these places add always a tag describing the world where it comes in. "Fantasy" is a placeholder for these - you could add that keyword to anything. If you have for example "Cimmeria" for Conanesque stuff. Romans could have "Ancient" as the overall tag and "Fantasy" "Roman" (and respectively "Vandal" "Goth" "Pict") as additional tags and then use the common environment tags "Mountain", "Jungle", "City", "Sea"

Tags are there to help the users find the stuff with the filter and they speed up the enemy page quite a bit. Usually two or three tags would help a lot in finding - so first I would use "Ancient" at least for the Romans to pinpoint the world for the filter - then nationality and then the environment if you need that.

Using the environment tag in addition to the world tag helps you build up encounter charts. "Do you feel lucky" will get from current filter you a random enemy and it is quite useful feature - so tag usefully

What is acceptable - that is a difficult question. Aside from the normal - keep it useful and 'safe' for the players of any age and that is already a difficult thing to answer.

Take a look what is there currently - similar things are acceptable. For Glorantha and Monster Island - keep the feel of it.

Technically there are couple of things - spirit society's, mystic brotherhoods and sorcery orders that have been implemented as templates. They probably should not have world tags but just technical tags "Spirit Society", "Sorcery Order". They are there as helpers to create shamans, disciples and sorcerers and would clutter the filters if they had the world tag "Glorantha" or "Monster Island"

Legnionnaires or Centurions are perfectly fine - look at the discussion above for tagging. Vikings as well... Basically anything that would be supported by RQ6 rules but please use the tagging rule.

Please ask if you would like clarifications or want to challenge any of the above.

"Mythic Britain" is reserved for loz.

All three of us are much more active on thedesignmechanism forum or Google+ so if you want quicker answers contact there... I will drop by here occasionally


#4 hkokko


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Posted 28 September 2014 - 04:55 AM

September update:

RQ Encounter Generator has some new feature tables (40+) for those who want to get a bit of variety to the looks of the enemies and NPC's generated

#5 hkokko


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Posted 21 December 2014 - 07:53 AM

RQ Encounter Tool update:

Day of the Undead at Delecti's Upland Marsh and other enemies
Created a few Delecti related enemies for RQ Encounter Tool based on and inspired by the wonderful articles in an old Tales of the Reaching Moon. If you feel that your players have become upstarts - lead them to Upland Marsh.
Barguest - Spirit Hound
Brontosaurus Zombie
Bronze Dream Dragon Skeleton
Bronze Skeleton
Wyvern Zombie
Pterodactyl Zombie
Plesiosaur Zombie
Griffin Zombie
Aeon the undead roc
Zombie Hadrosaur
Dragonewt beaked warrior, elite zombie
Dancer of Darkness, Delecti Vampire
Zombie Mock Hydra
Petrified Gorilla
Undead Admiral and his Longship
Marsh wight
12 Meter giant zombie
Dark troll zombie
Zorak zoran zombie lich
Great Troll Zombie
Elf Vampire
Minotaur Vampire
Manticore Vampire
Centaur Vampire
Lesser Vampire
Dancer of Darkness Party
Undead Troll party
Grimoires for sea and march sorcery have been created.
Sorcery Order Marsh and Mist
Sorcery Order of Waves and Depths
Few other enemies have been created as well.
Lich Fonritan
Lich Monster Island
Lich party
Lich Party at Monster Island
Savanger (Bloodbird)
Leaping Bear
Green Elf, Wintered (Undead)
Rhinoceros, Granite 
Kivi, Fire Bear
Manticore, Alpha Male
12 Meter. Giant

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#6 hkokko


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Posted 25 January 2015 - 04:01 PM

RQ6 Encounter Tool 101 - Finding and generating your enemies 

Created a small visual guide to getting up to speed with RQ Encounter Tool.  This first version is for finding and generating your enemies. 

#7 hkokko


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Posted 01 February 2015 - 07:32 PM

RQ Encounter Tool 101 Part 2 - Creating NPC's and Parties

Here is a visual guide how to create NPC's with RQ Encounter Tool.

This second guide concentrates on how to create NPC's and parties. It gives a stepwise example of creating both basic and stronger NPC's for a barbarian campaign. The example is for Sartar and Orlanthi but would be widely applicable to most campaigns.


#8 hkokko


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Posted 08 February 2015 - 07:26 AM

Demon Encounters for RQ6

Whereever there are sorcerors there is a pact being negotiated and usually with forces of darkness, even chaos. Wondered what you could evoke with your Evoke spell - here are few possibilities in RQ Encounter Generator.

Demons have been crafted as per Monster Island suggestions. Minor beings will have 100 characteristics points on average, skills are targeted to be on the intensity level that adepts would have. Moderate ones 150 and Major ones 200 with skills that mage's or archmage's intensity probably would be.

For color each demon has a chaotic feature which could also be considered a demonic feature. Demons are tough beings so had each of them to have "Undead" ability for increased resistance to weapons and they have varying natural or other armour.  All of the demons here look different and each of them might have an ability in addition to chaotic feature. This batch happens to four legged ones but there could be other shapes in future.

These are demon warriors - there are of course other kinds as well. Like mentioned in the Monster Island Elric books especially are a good source.

Demons are usually met alone with their master - a sorcerer- or in small numbers. There are also their masters and a sorcerer's party.


#9 hkokko


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Posted 15 March 2015 - 04:29 PM

Return to Monster Island

I felt compelled to return to Monster Island with RQ Encounter Tool. Here are some of the few missing colourful creatures from the Monster Island book. Cob Hobblers are a particularly nasty end to player character career - not even to talk about the nasty Vorslurp.
- Cob Hobbler - Human form
- Cob Hobbler Jungle Boar form
- Cob Hobbler Jaguar form
- Cob Hobbler Infestation
- Bone Wraith
- Dune Haunter (Sand Ghoul)
- Hitotsume-kozo
- Vorslurp
- Kapre
- Naga
- Tengu (Bird Goblin)
- Tetrapus
- Therizinosaurus
- Tikbalang
- Waheela
- Manananggal
- Rokurokubi
- Ettin, Serpent People Warrior
Plants have had additions too in the plants additional feature
-Deathdrip Flower
- Moon Flower
-Spinedragon Tree
These are visible for example in the Monster Island Daily Event
All of the Monster Island enemies have been updated to include abilities description and other tuneups. You will find these at Enemies and Parties page with filter "Monster Island"
Zombies have had some new additions as well - mostly with Delecti's Swamp in mind
- Zombie
- Zombie of Orlanth Wind Voice
- Zombie of Orlanth Acolyte
- Zombie of Sartar river raider
- Zombies of Orlanth Marsh Raiding party