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  2. g33k

    RQ 6 and Mythras

    Are you hinting that this one is "really, really close"? 🤫 😉 😁
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  5. godsmonkey

    HQG takes the back seat to RQG

    I feel like Benjamin Button in that I went from RQII in the 80s and am just now getting into playing HeroQuest. But really, the smart thing to do is make the New material RQ friendly. I'm just glad Glorantha is seeing a new golden age
  6. prinz.slasar


    Besides Constitution Checks (p 141) or the rules for exposure, heat and thirst? (p 161)? Nope, no fatigue rules.
  7. Just a few years ago, the focus of Chaosium/Moon Design was on HQG, and I heard from the publisher staffs at the time that if you want to play in Glorantha, HQG is the best way to go to emulate Greg’s stories. Now HQG has taken the back seat to RQG and that marketing tagline was changed. All the books that suppose to be for HQG now turned into RQG supplements. Ive heard of Whitewall book, Prax book, Big Rubble book since before the Guide Kickstarter and Gods book immediately after the Guide, if I remember correctly. That was many years ago. It’s not so bad because we can use RQG supplements easily with HQG. And from the business perspective, it is a reasonable and wise choice for Chaosium. However, I still feel it’s a pity that HQG seems not to be in the focus anymore for Glorantha gaming.
  8. Wrong forum
  9. DreadDomain


    Just to be clear, I liked RQ3ENC rules but this is not exclusive. I also like RQG approach. Come to think of it, is there any fatigue rules in RQG?
  10. DreadDomain

    What the heck... Check that out!

    Yup, it always made a lot of sense to us as well. Experience checks were not always only about making rolls but also just practice. Ride is good example of that but not the only one. I always liked games woth "training" rules (RQ, GURPS, Mythras...)
  11. Paid a bod yn dwp

    Death by a thousand cuts

    It’s number 3. The arm can’t go beyond x2 damage, but damage upto a maximum of x2 the limbs hitpoints will still be passed onto THP from a single hit.
  12. Mechashef

    Death by a thousand cuts

    Ok, I may be being a bit dense here but: Bazza has 14 Total Hit Points (THP) and thus normally has 4 HP in his left arm. He is currently injured with his arm at -2 (i.e. 6 points of damage). If his arm gets hit for another 4 points of damage, how much damage does he take? Is it: Both his left arm and THP are reduced by 2 or Both his left arm and THP are reduced by 4 or His left arm is reduced by 2 and his THP by 4 or His left arm is reduced by 4 and his THP by 2 or Something else? Thanks
  13. David Scott

    Crowdsourcing the City of Wonders

    The original distribution forbade it. These are small images for the purpose of illustration.
  14. Sir_Godspeed

    Glorantha 2nd Age God List

    Somewhat more prosaically, isn't this just the Heortlings dismissing something that doesn't really make sense to them, and which ended in disaster, as the work of their usual scapegoat?
  15. Bill the barbarian

    What the heck... Check that out!

    Interesting I always gave folk in my RQ 3 campaigns who travelled for a week in new territory a World Lore practice gain roll (same 1D6-2 roll as training but only 1% if you took the guaranteed advancement in place of the roll). I wonder if I got that by noticing the week of riding giving a check but missing the rest. I vaguely recall giving either a practice gain roll or an experience roll for the first week of riding the one and only time it happened in Balazar. Actually, anything intense for a first week was considered and possible checked in my games if it made sense to do so (again I seem to recall using practise rolls not training for this HR). But the rest, that really was a What the heck moment for me. I finally got the full gist of this rule when reading the core rules for material for this thread. Until then I have done just as PhilHibb's, check and go. In fact, doing this thread and the others as well have been great for my understanding of the rules. Cheers all.
  16. Sir_Godspeed

    Ernaldan manipulation at the largest scale

    A lot of Gloranthan cosmologies appear to be based on magnitudes of transcendence/emanation/degradation (pick your preferred term). The Malkioni are very explicit about this, of course, but Earth with its age-progression view of the Goddess might also tap into this kind of perspective to a degree. The Land Goddesses are local instance of THE Land Goddess. Ernalda is a particular "refraction" of Gata, and so forth. In that sense, the idea that Ernalda is some kind of higher deity, indeed Glorantha herself, or Arachne Solara does not really have to be so much a manipulation, as it is a logical conclusion drawn from the already underlying logic of their worldview.
  17. HreshtIronBorne

    Warning: Egregious munchkinnery!

    if we are going egregious munchkin then go bison rider, dark and storm dominant runes, with a little luck depending on how you roll or assign stats you can have yourself a near giant with 2d6 base damage bonus, then strength spell for another d6 th at start. Even throwing rocks this guys crushed skulls. Lol
  18. HreshtIronBorne

    Warning: Egregious munchkinnery!

    if we are going egregious munchkin then go bison rider, dark and storm dominant runes, with a little luck depending on how you roll or assign stats you can have yourself a near giant with 2d6 base damage bonus, then strength spell for another d6 th at start. Even throwing rocks this guys crushed skulls. Lol
  19. HreshtIronBorne

    Warning: Egregious munchkinnery!

    This. I picked darkwall as it is only two points and a phenomenally useful spell.
  20. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    28mm Morokanths from Rapier Miniatures

    Hi! Is there a U.S. distributor, or is this purely by mail (from the UK)? Thanks, David.
  21. PhilHibbs

    Warning: Egregious munchkinnery!

    If you pick #17 for your Family Heirloom, don't take Bladesharp or Bludgeon as the matrix. It will become redundant if you later learn the spell at a higher level. Strength will give you an improved damage bonus and +10% to hit anyway (and on all skills and weapons, not just the sword) and is stackable with Bladesharp. The same applies for any matrix gained, always go for a non-variable spell.
  22. ..another mention was found here http://see.news/interested-in-knowing-more-about-prisons-in-ancient-egypt/ and a bit more here http://www.prisonhistory.net/prison-history/history-of-prisons/ Prisons can be interesting hooks / threats etc for the game so I would not rule them out but would consider what needs to be done for them to be part of thematic rich world.
  23. PhilHibbs

    Warning: Egregious munchkinnery!

    Spoilsport. Once it hits 21 it's "non-raisable".
  24. Hard labor seems to have the same problems with magical persons (and everyone is in Glorantha). How would you deal with that... I remember GM'ing the MOB prison scenario set in far reaches of Sun County many years ago. At the time did not consider the magic may return etc problems of Regarding prisons: This simplistic source: https://www.ancient-origins.net/history-ancient-traditions/prisons-and-imprisonment-ancient-world-punishments-used-maintain-public-020588 Mesopotamian Imprisonment The earliest known use of imprisonment as a form of punishment can be traced to the Mesopotamian civilization. In the oldest known surviving law code, the Code of Ur-Nammu , it is written that: In another Mesopotamian law code, the famous Code of Hammurabi , it is written: It was not favoured - "Rather than imprisonment, the Mesopotamians had a preference for the use of criminals for forced labor. " So if we want to have prisons and hard labor (and who wouldn't) we need to figure out how to handle the magical prisoners...
  25. Yup, but I still would love to have it in my collection. I can't go to Cons because I live so far away.
  26. I agree a lot of the rules in KAP deliberately favor the knight, increasing and advantage they had (like +5/-5 for mounted) or minimizing things that would work against them (Pike formations). Of course historically the sword was actually a secondary weapon, but this is Pendragon. But spear does neet some sort of upgrade. Only dagger is worse. That could help. As I mentioned with the data, shields and half sword technique seem to cancel out most of the 2H spear advantage, and 1H spears don't do as well . Good because we'd disagree. IMO the breakage ability more than offsets any advatage the other weapons have. In all my years of playing kAP I've never seen a player get though a battle with an axe, mace or such without breaking it. Yup. In fact one of the tactics used in the simulation was for an armored opponent to just rush in and take the hit, as most attacks wouldn't get through the shield, let alone any armor. I'd rather keep the break on a fumble and go to dropped on a tie (sword excepted) the main reason is that if you take two combatants, both highly skilled, the swordsman is going to win just because of the increased number of ties, and broken weapons. If Sword 30 goes up against anything but a Sword (or Greatsword) 30, then there will be a broken weapon 55% of the time. Not a bad houserule, but a major chance in how things are handled. Me either, but I do thing they should get something. Plus in a real fight they would just stab people at a distance with the lance/spear instead of closing in with the sword. But I can see lance being sperate becuase it it a lot harder to use one than to use a spear, and footmen shouldn't be good lancers by default. RQ has rule where combat skills from horseback are capped by ther Ride skill, but I can see why Greg didn't do that in Pendragon- it would negate most of the height bonus from being mounted. Spear Expertise covers that. Not really. The line between knife and sword is a very blurry one. The Gladius wasn't used to chop as much as to thrust. It's basically used like an improved 1H spear. From what I've read and see the real advatage was when used with the Large Shield. It could be used from behind the shield without exposing oneself the way they would have to with a swining weapon. Plus they could get about three attack s to one from an arming sword. All true, I wish Greg hadn't made the dagger the default Roman weapon in KAP4, at least not without some sort of compensation in formation fighting. How about if dagger defaulted to DEX now the way grappling and brawling do? So the character would lose a die of damage, but have a backup weapon that they will be reasonalby competent with on little to no training. The misercord and other specially "cous de gras" type daggers could be special weapons that get introduced in the Later Periods (after Plate). I was thinking they would have a penalty to use in combat, and so mostly be used to finish off defeated opponents rather than as a fighting weapon.
  27. Rick Meints

    Heroquest IP history

    Thus far it has not affected our products. Hasbro has not responded to any of our emails.
  28. Yeah so Guinevere would have a default of 20 in all her courtly skills. Which is high, but a lot lower than the +25 she would get with the +1 per point over 15 rule. I suspect it really is less a case of her being that much better due to APP and more a case of people letting stuff like using the wrong fork slide because she is a babe.
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