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    Nature of Metals

    But then, we have the myths how Orlanth stole Lightning (Boy) from Sky. The Middle Air is the Lower Sky, and Lightning and Thunderbolt are the resident expressions of fire in this realm. I am not certain whether Thunderbolt would have any light effects. Sound effects turned up to eleven, and probably lots of heat, but blinding light? No idea.
  3. "You'll know when we're there, because we will be there!"
  4. All of the writings in Drastic were based on material by Greg Stafford, but there was lots of speculation in those articles, too. I discussed a few of these prior to publication and may have injected a piece of speculation or two myself. Volume Sea never advanced beyond some initial deliberations.
  5. Who knows, when the Jonstown Compendium comes live, something like that might appear. I'd hope so. Generally, you find out from the Myth or the HeroQuest. So, if I am Yelmalio on the Hill of Gold, I am going to fight Orlanth (Probably a Wind Lord or Initiate), Zorak Zoran (Probably a Death Lord or Initiate), Inora (Probably an Ice Queen or an Initiate) and some Chaos (Maybe Broos, Scorpionmen, Ogres, Gorp or other assorted Chaos). Those are fairly self-explanatory. If I go on the Sandals of Darkness Quest, I am expecting a bunch of Trolls, probably following Kaarg or Kyger Litor. Same if I do Orlanth breaks Gore/Gash's Legs. However, some foes are deliberately vague and can be almost anything. So a Storm Foe could be Orlanth, Storm Bull, Valind, Gagarth or whatever. Same with a Darkness Foe. Other HeroQuestors have a part as well. If you have a Personal heroQuest Foe, then they will appear in unlikely guises. So, a Personal HeroQuest Foe who is Yelmalian might show up as Yelmalio, Yelm, King Griffon, or the Red Emperor and may even show up as Elmal as a friend of the HeroQuestor.
  6. Sounds 2 Ask me if a title is in Swedish and you can't figure out what it's supposed to be.
  7. Joerg

    Nature of Metals

    Not in mine. Glorantha is a world of the ancient coin metals (including lead and quicksilver here), and some rare iron. Zinc wasn't known as an unalloyed metal until in the Modern Era. Zinc ore was well known, and its ability to produce brass when smelted (reduced with significant amounts of charcoal) with copper ores (both in oxide or carbonate form). Apart from reacting quickly with hydrochloric acid and thereby being able to create all manner of quite toxic fumes in the presence of As, Sn, Sb, Hg etc., zinc is used as ablative electrode on iron, plated by dipping into molten metallic zinc or electrolysis from zinc salts. The only Gloranthan use for zinc would be the alloy terrestrial brass. Good for making thin sheets of metal with a golden sheen, but mediocre stability. I am fine with Gloranthan chimes and trumpets made of gold, silver or bronze/copper-tin-brass. (And in case someone peeps up "I meant zinc oxide", I have no problem with this mineral existing in Glorantha. There is just no way to produce a metal from it.) You might point at Aluminum and that that's a metal that was unknown to the Ancients. Well, the Gloranthan Aluminum is unknown to modern chemists, too. It might be closer to Beryllium in terms of density than terrestrial Aluminium. In terms of chemistry, this metal is completely at ease submerged in salt water, showing no signs of corrosion. We don't know any metal or alloy with such properties. I think it is perfectly reasonable to assume that all metals in existence would have been mentioned somewhere. The Ancients knew the list of Gloranthan metals (minus aluminum). The inclusion of iron is already a concession away from the Bronze Age theme. The existence of alloys is known in general terms. Alloys may contain metallic or quasi-metallic components completely unknown as pure elements. It isn't clear how the alloyists understand such extra components - possibly like pigments that change an alloy's appearance. Apart from iron, each metal is associated with an element or a sub-element (in case of the sky metals). Why do elements manifest metals? That's a question for the Mostali. To be honest, I have no good idea. The True Mostali were behind the project that made iron, and I think they sacrificed/transmuted some living (or more likely, dying) Stone to make a copy of the material of the First Sword when it landed in their workshop. I am not sure Mostal would have approved of this reckless innovation. The Octamonists share that opinion.
  8. This sounds like a lot of fun! Both in a professional and, well, fun way. I envy American students for the flexibility of their curricula. The same thing happening at a stuffy German university? Unthinkable!
  9. Thank you! It's a great list ^^ My quibbles: Baudwin is mentionned as well in the adventure of the Castle of Joy. He is a bishop and a knight. I think he retire as an hermit. Bagdemagus did not die in 536. He died during the Grail Quest Boso is count of Rydychan. Tor (in Malory, and therefore in the GPC) is the son of Ares, and the bastard son of Pellinore
  10. "Hold your hands up", Remo does so and gets punched in the groin, "I did not say keep them there!"
  11. Not all Christian clerics are celibate. Orthodox Priests can be married, most Protestant clerics can be married. They shouldn't have sex outside marriage, but that's standard Christian belief anyway. Even before the Great Schism, there were Priests who had concubines. King John rounded up all the Priests' concubines and demanded they pay for them to be released, so the Priests paid up. There was a big debate at the time over whether Priests should be celibate or not, it wasn't cut and dried. A number of nobles who were made bishops remained married to their wives, for example.
  12. I have decided to make a thread for those of us who incorporate SFX and ambient tracks to our CoC gaming sessions. I will share my sounds, including more custom sounds I have made for Edge of Darkness and The Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island. But first out will be some zipped batches of SFX and ambient tracks that could suit general scenarios and campaigns. I use the Mutant UA soundmixer (once created for a Swedish RPG) that is more than adequate to mix sounds and ambient tracks with 6 SFX+1 music track. I will include the dropbox link to that mixer so you can try it out. For more advanced soundscapes I usually mix the sounds I want for a setting/scene in Reaper, but with no ambient music, and make a single file of it. Then I have five other tracks to add other SFX to in the Mutant UA mixer. https://we.tl/t-pfj4tY9Nfr Soundpack 1 (some sounds have Swedish names, but listen to them, decide what they are and rename them. Or ask me, lol) The Mutant UA soundmixer (works with both English and Swedish. Follow my simple instructions): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5f728f0zd2kj69h/AAC8rFZsq7EZc38jWBxnZNUQa?dl=0 Feel free to contribute with your own SFX, ambient tracks, Youtube playlists or whatever. I'm always looking for more sounds.
  13. Young people playing RuneQuest, I approve. Far better than a table whose average age is 50.
  14. Joerg

    Seseine and Uleria

    One hint about the origin of Seseine could be the Guide p.566, which names Seseine the sister of Janfusu, a grandson of Serelazam (one of the doom currents, sibling of Sshorg, child of Togaro according to Missing Lands, and parent of Dinisso, who in turn parented Maslo, and (with Dashomo) Marthino). It might be possible that she has a water origin, although her runes of Fertility and Illusion don't show anything like that (Illusion might be shared with the Niiads, but those are the descendants of Heler and Triolina, ultimately Daliath and Framanthe). Since Marthino also is a child of Dashomo (i.e. there is a current from both Dashomo and Dinisso feeding Marthino), Seseine might be a child of Dashomo rather than Dinisso. Dashomo is fed by the Kereneth Sea currents, from the west. The bodies of the seas (like Togaro, Kereneth) are children of Framanthe and Sramak, and don't show up in the nice illustrated genealogy of the sea gods in the Sourcebook. The city of Janfusu lies on Dsunguya Island, facing the Inland Sea of Kareeshtu. It is suspiciously far away from the Serelazam doom current, which enters Magasta's Pool from the Northeast. Serelazam was the main Sea foe of Thinobutu, but neither Thinokans nor Kumankans are exactly close to Janfusu. I am thus mildly baffled how a grandchild of Serelazam has business founding a city on the Inland sea of Fonrit, and how it was a sibling of Seseine. Sea deity parentage is complicated. Manthi and Togaro are named as parents of Sshorg, but apart from Togaro we have no other confirmed parent for Serelazam.
  15. Well, yes and no, Humakti can be brought back from the dead, but they really don't like it. They are just as likely to kill the person who resurrected them and then kill themselves, or go on a Death Rampage to kill as many undead before they are killed. Humakti cannot be turned into Undead, as long as they have Humak't Protection, but they can be resurrected.
  16. As to the covers of Call of Cthulhu supplements, tastes in horror change over the years, as does the appetite for horror. What was an 18 when I was a kid is probably a 15 or 12 certificate film now. However, having naked ladies on the cover of some magazines in the 80s was fine, nowadays they have to have opaque covers and rude bits not showing, or so I am led to believe. What was considered a scary cover in the 70s or 80s is probably laughed at by kids nowadays. For me, tentacles are not, and have never been, scary, so the abundance of tentacles on Call of Cthulhu artwork does nothing for me. Pictures of ecstatic women with their throats torn out by a suave and sophisticated gentleman are far scarier than a tentacled horror, for me at any rate.
  17. Seseine is the Pamaltelan goddess of seduction. She is connected with chaos. She fought against Pamalt's Necklace in the Demon Period. In the same confrontation Pamalt confronted Gark, Krajalk and Pocharngo. She can take any form, and seeks to corrupt the Right Footpath. Her way is contrasted with the right uses of pleasure, desire, and sexuality. In Laskal she is worshiped through Echeklihos. (Revealed Mythologies) Despite she has a demigoddess daughter in Heortland, the Guide also point her more in Pamaltela. If you are not running a Fonritian campaign, maybe you find more suitable Lemure. She is exactly the same, but she is the source of passions. Her cult is described in Lords of Terror, and that book has the subtitle "The Cults of Dorastor". So Lemure maybe is a more suitable choice for a Genertela campaign. As far as I know none of them has connections with Uleria. Vovisibor was created by the Five Evil Ones, some powerful shamans who killed Kendamalar (another way to explain the dead of the Sun). Vovisibor killed them as first action. Maybe one of the Five Evil Ones was a woman and Seseine was born from her raped broken dead body. The newborn goddess started to corrupt Artmali and Agimori spreading out the chaos in the domains of Pamalt.
  18. Today
  19. What I ended up doing was 'forgetting' that they were supposed to be armored. That being said... Rereading p. 46, it doesn't mention anything about an encumbrance penalty. So if the 'Leap' is more of an assisted jump, hands on the pommel and maybe even foot on a stirrup, and the DEX roll is more if they manage to do that smoothly, that would be enough for me to waive the penalty. During combat, I usually ask for Horsemanship rolls: on a crit, you are in the saddle and can act this round, on a success you spend this round getting up, on a failure, you take this round and the next due to the horse being skittish, and on a fumble, the horse rears up and throws you down for extra 1d6 damage, and you start the next round lying down.
  20. Vampires without Widow's Peaks? They might as well not have pale skin and long canine teeth. Bald Undead say "ghouls", "skeletons" or "zombies" to me. Undead with full sets of hair say "Vampire".
  21. Interesting. Academics accessing Elder Lore in order to write Call of Cthulhu scenarios. What could possibly go wrong?
  22. The D100 Family has traditionally used the mantra of "The Monsters are People too". What this means, in practice, is that monsters get experience points, have plans and lives and so on. It also means that Players can play a non-human as easily as playing a human. Generally, D100 games have a series of Cultures that a PC can belong to. These can be very general or can be specific. General cultures go along the lines of Primitive, Nomad, Barbarian and Civilised. Specific Cultures can be Orc, Troll, Centaur and so on. General cultures are usually the easiest to use for non-humans, as you just apply the increases to the listed skills, regardless of what the non-human is, so a Primitive Centaur gets the same cultural boosts as a Primitive Land Octopus. You might need to make some adjustments, so if a Culture has a Climb skill, then it makes sense for a Centaur PC to get a Run skill instead. Having done that, you then go onto Professions, which are also not tied to a specific type of creature, so a Troll Alchemist has the same skills as a Centaur Alchemist. It really is that easy to have non-humans in a D100 game.
  23. RAW, yes. As a houserule, I always "forget" to apply the -10 to the leap
  24. Hello, has anyone run K&C and if so do you have any general advice or handy information about any obvious pitfalls you encountered? Cheers. 👍
  25. After reading the combat chapter and trying out a test combat or two I thought I had a firm grasp on how strike ranks worked. But then when it came to actual game time it seemed to be question after question. It feels like its neither an initiative system nor an action point allowance while at the same time being both. After a thorough re-reading of the combat section I think I have a firm enough grasp on melee combat (largely because your options are quite limited). But I can't quite figure out how ranged and magic work. Melee weapons have a basic strike rank that gets added to your DEX+SIZ SR rating to determine when your attack with them takes place. However I cant see a similar cost for missile weapons? Is it your DEX SR like with magic? Do weapons adjust it? Are the following examples correct? I) Hend has a Dex Strike Rank of 1. He starts combat prepared to cast a spell. He casts Demoralize, this goes off on SR 3 (Dex SR + cost of spell). He then prepares his sling (+5 SR) and fires (Dex SR) on SR 9. ii) Hend starts combat with his sling prepared, attacks on SR 1, reloads (+5) and attacks again (+1) on SR 7 and has time to reload again (+5). iii) Hend starts combat with Demoralize prepared, casts it on SR 3, prepares Demoralize again (+5 SR) and casts it again on SR 11.
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