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  2. I can't say that I know anyone (except maybe collectors) who chooses games based on what they look like or what they're called. Visuals might be a factor in getting you to take an initial look... but... well, there's a reason I'm not interested in any of those PBTA games, regardless of the pretty pictures in them. RPGs are largely marketed by word of mouth... people talking them up, or down, to their friends (online or face to face). The best way to draw people in to your games is to run them well and keep Players coming back for more.
  3. One of the interesting things about the familial history is the degree to which parellelisms of longer historical, legendary and/or mythic relationships play out in your recent kin's history. The basic Sartarite history works out quite well for ducks. And while the events of 1613 and after lack specific nuances relative to the Duck Hunts, you can model the basics fairly well within the standard choices (outlawed, buggered off to Pavis to become petty bandits, etc.). The main absence is to do with their relationships to Delecti and the Upland Marsh. The best place to add that might be 1602, when Delecti helped out the Lunar conquest of Sartar with an army of his undead. Many ducks were turned into zombies in that war and it's an excellent place to add some passions and the like.
  4. Maybe the thing to do is to use the starting value for Sword, Axe, or Mace, and allow players to use that for all those skills at the beginning of the game (as a sort of default level); but as their characters gain experience using each weapon individually, they will improve separately.
  5. I absolutely love this. And I may inflict this upon some poor PCs in the very near future. If you were interested in creating a circumstance in which the PCs get captured or completely robbed (or everything except for their loincloths), but without using a combat-style encounter, just use a bunch of mana flies. The adventurers get knocked out, only to come to once everything's been stolen or they're disarmed and in the middle of being tied up. Wacky hijinx ensue....
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  7. The Crimson Bat isn't dead it's only resting
  8. The longer-lived elves have the problem that a generation covers a century of history happening rather than twenty-odd years. True, a vast number of human-only historical events don't apply to them. Another problem might be that inter-forest cooperation may not be very common. Yes, there was the Moonburn of Rist, and the affected elves who fled to Dorastor became the Hellwood Elves, but take e.g. the neighboring Poisonthorns and what did that event mean for their ancestors? So you would have to come up with a timeline for your elf's home forest. Where would that green elf have its roots? The Dagori Inkarth Redwood, some copse in Dragon Pass, some backwater slope of the Mislari in Arstola (which is otherwise pure brown elf), or someplace insignificant in Balazar/the Elder Wilds? Ducks have a quite obscure history, so you would have to make up things local, or create an adventurer ancestor Forrest Gump.
  9. Ducks are largely the same as Orlanthi but anything after Starbrow's revolt would change. Fazzur Wideread declared a Duck hunt and all Ducks had go to into hiding untill the liberation of Sartar.
  10. It's not just about stance and guards. It's about where you target and the angle of impact of the blow. You can't target weak spots in the armour with a mace in the same way that can with a sword. What would be a glancing blow with a sword would cave in armour with a mace.
  11. Interesting ideas, I have the Savage Worlds "Sherwood" Supplement which looks rather good. But can be hard to find
  12. Aye, and there's the rub. Caveats notwithstanding, in a world of magic what is mundane? A vrok halk from Balazar might do. Others have tries to obtain such and train them. Yes indeed. This is approaching that heroplane caravan service from the Malazan Book of the Fallen series... Both are very cool Nice. Ooooo! I'm on the fence as to very cool or munkinerry cool and the same with powering a teleport by Wyter. Precisely with the right kind of victims err players a GM need never buy a module.
  13. Statements like this make me face-palm. Most of these names don't come close to representing the type of swords that people think. I blame D&D for this. What most games call a sword/one-handed sword is an arming sword. one-handed sword has never truly been a term to represent a type of sword. The term Long sword also doesn't represent any one type of sword and handle length, it represent the length of the blade and can be a one-handed/hand and a half/ or two-handed sword. The name bastard sword has nothing to due with any physical characteristics of the sword, It represents a lack of knowledge of its place of origin. Thus the uses of the name bastard. Also there are major differences in stances, orientation, and footwork just with swords between how one uses it with or without a shield. Like, contrary to movie depiction it was common for a swordsman to hold the hilt with one hand and the base of the blade with the other when not using a shield. This allowed them to use the sword for defense as well as attack. And from my area of knowledge, you use a katana way differently then a naginata. So the idea that you would use a pole axe the same as a sword seems wrong on way to many level for me. Anyway back to the OP topic As I said, from the games starting skills we can assume that level 10 in a skill represents a knights minimum level of sword skill. To pick up a axe and just have that level of skill without training brakes "Suspension of disbelief" for me. To me I am being generous giving an unskilled knight 5 in the game, as I look at the fact that if he wanted during character creation he could have obtained the skill with basic creation points, not even using previous experience. Then you have the issues of, if he get the skill later in the game it starts at 1 which again brakes "Suspension of disbelief" for me. That said play it how you want.
  14. Right now I have a prospective Green Elf and Duck. What might be some examples for them?
  15. Based on the preceding posts I am very surprised that "the first take aways so far" is how sick, sick, sick the denizens of this "board" are. <gr>
  16. Seems to me that @Jason Durall mentioned that there are spells that do require focus. Finding spells specifically that need something to indicate a way... A marble, a drowsing rod, a plumb bob. Mostly agree but there are several circumstances that make it Impractical. The preceding quote in this post for example. Also, if just expressing an opinion instead of a fact well... I will grant you a page number would strengthen an opinion but might just as well make it a fact, and remember opinions have feelings too. Cheers
  17. First two: Lesillan and Gerran Minor Class.
  18. I think the answer could also be something along the lines of: "Kill whoever said this with fire."
  19. Do you really think that a divination to Yelm, asking "Will the Sun rise in the morning", is ever going to give an answer that isn't "Yes"?
  20. In the end, whatever works in your game. I'm for a higher default for several reasons. If you look at late medieval and early rinascimento fencing manuals (Fiore, Marozzo) one of the things they point out is that the principles defense (footwork etc) are the same. The guards, footwork, etc for a pole axe are the same as for a longsword, etc. Some like Pietro Monte point out that everybody knows that you can use a one-handed sword more or less the same way as a longsword/bastard sword, so he's not going to talk about 1-h swords. These manuals also show that fighters trained and were aware of a range of weapons. I assume, in a KAP environment, that knights are familiar with swords, maces, and axes, but prefer one. So dropping to 5 as a starting point, seems unrealistic. YPMV
  21. This all comes down to where your level of "Suspension of disbelief" comes in. I always just assumed that he was looking at this from a "if you are a knight and you are swinging your sword it is at someone who also has martial training" perspective. If you look at it that way a person trained with a Arming sword who picks up a battleaxe is not going to be as comfortable with it and telegraph most of his moves with it to a trained warrior. This will leave them unbalanced and provide way to many openings for his opponent to exploit for him to be effective in combat. Or he will use the axe like a sword which outside the similarity of sharp end at target, would not function well. Now this in no way means I agree with the 0 skill level, it does make me think that anything around skill level 10 is to much, as this is the starting point for the sword skill at age 21 if you don't spend your starting points on it. So that's why at most I would allow its uses at skill level 5. But that's just my two cents.
  22. I'd probably construct a broad, general troll FH first, and then have some isolated "tribal" events. The history from the just re-released Uz Lore is useful for the trolls.
  23. You can see what I wrote up for Tusk Riders here: And, yes, would alter a fair bit of it. Some events (like Battle of Grizzly Peak) could certainly have mercenary units (tusk riders, trolls), but there would undoubtedly be other events specific to those Elder Races. For instance, in 1623-4, you'd have the Swarm as a significant troll event. 1624 would include the Boat Rise (aka Blue Planet) for at least the dwarfs (part of repairing the World Machine) and likely the trolls (though that could be for or against). The dwarfs might have a much longer cycle of events (given their long age) and tied into the World Machine (maybe starting with the post-God Learner repairs or the Destruction of the Clanking City, then the Rise of the Red Moon, etc).
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