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  1. Thank you for this clarification, but how should the summon cult spirit spell be handled versus summon ancestor?
  2. Cult spirits (by the rule book) come with a variation based on the cult size: larger has more variation than smaller ones. "Petty deities, elementals, guardians, spirits of worshippers and other such entities" p.273 Also the places for the spell casting seem to vary. Summon cult spirit works in the holy places while the other summons could be cast anywhere. Where would Daka Fal's holy places lie? Burial grounds, battle grounds, ancient family living places, current family home or even places in the Spiritworld? I suppose DF cult spirits would be at least the spirits of wor
  3. Yes, the rule book also says the greater the god the greater the variety. Small cult would have less. Althought, DF cult spirits could be family specific. Maybe burialground or necropolis guardians, servants etc.? Or maybe the greater spirits could be some of the siblings of Fleshman or their children?
  4. It seems like the most common of cult spirits are elementals, while the variety of all cult spirits is much wider(p.273: ...petty deities, elementals, guardians, spirits of worshippers and other such entities). Bestiary gives at least two of non-elemental -cult spirits. I quess the list would be long If all cult spirits were listed from all the cults. There's somewhat of overlapping with the two spells. I noticed this a little time ago concerning Daka Fal: what is the difference between summon ancestor and summon cult spirit for them? Might this whole cult spirit question be wor
  5. Are there anywhere descriptions of Derik Poljoni's hero cult? I suppose he would teach at least horseriding. Spells could be battle related(against praxians?) and possibly something which would make co-operation possible between hostile tribe members? Do Poljonis worship him or was it mostly by Dundealos? Interesting heroquest or even several of them could be forged out of his story. Sorry for bringing this old topic up.
  6. Jokum

    Spirit world

    I keep up mixing all the time 😅 im not even sure If the myth is written in a few different ways. I quess the heroquest can jump in time and make the questers take roles according to it? So, maybe they start at Orlanths party where Death is presented to Grandfather. Then they start a journey to the Underworld with Fleshman. And finally some ancestor faces Daka Fal in his court.
  7. Jokum

    Spirit world

    I thought it was Grandfather mortal who became Daka Fal.... ....and Fleshman watched Grandfather die. Grandfather then paved the path for the dead.
  8. Jokum

    Spirit world

    I'm planning a heroquest for our Daka Fal followers - shaman and an apprentice plus their friends and relatives. It would take place at the small Dundealosford -fort. ...my design for the fort would be the upwards spiral in air rune form, carved out of a rocky hill. I suppose there's also a willage nearby, called Dundealosford. In our campaign the lunars corrupted the Poets Hill with lunar spirits and cursed the Dundealosford because it didn't surrender fast enough. So, now the fort is full of ghosts still fighting against the approaching enemy and letting almost no one in. The Heroquest
  9. Jokum

    Spirit world

    The Shaman -Keronorl- of the Wild temple seems to have a spirit rune and i suppose he's human. Man 90%, spirit 75%. In the Smoking ruins book.
  10. Jokum

    Spirit world

    Any movies or animations that has any similarities with Gloranthan spirit world worth showing to players? I'm surpriced there's no easy to find "dream" sequenses of plains and campfires... And how or when does an apprentice shaman gain the spirit rune?
  11. My book is from 2018 fourth Chaosium edition. I suppose it's different to RQ3 you talk about 🤔 https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-hardcover/
  12. How about the rune spell - Spirit teacher? You can use the summoned ancestor as the shaman's fetch and shamans are allowed to use their fetch's POW as much as they like(althought all genuine fetch's POW originates from the shaman). This is another case where we had to think about the consequences whether one of the friendly ancestors would have a POW 25 or so and that would Be used on one of the enchantments. So to keep the game world in balance maybe all of the sacrificed points needed to be negotiated somehow or something as written here:
  13. Jokum

    Spirit world

    I found a text that confirms your thoughts. Hero level individuals are no more reqular ancestors: "They operate as immortals instead of ancestors, and receive their own sacrifices instead of partaking of the sacrifices made to the ancestors." Hero wars- Thunder rebels, p.95 There's also a description for the ancestor's day celebration p.94-95
  14. Jokum

    Spirit world

    Yes, you're propably right. I have this "trouble" all the Time: how to follow the rules of the game so we don't "accidentally" do something that would brake the game world balance? Althought, some of the summoned random ancestors could be very powerful(5d6+6) compared to maximum human attributes. ...but that's not a deity level either. Possible hero summoning could need a special task before it could be done. ....maybe even a heroquest level stuff.
  15. Jokum

    Spirit world

    A scetch i made of our apprentice shaman player character - Talkil- and his npc-grandfather - Toras I don't know what would be characteristic for Pol Joni - Daka Fal shamans. There are amazing photos of real world shamans by googling which i used as inspiration.
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