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  1. My book is from 2018 fourth Chaosium edition. I suppose it's different to RQ3 you talk about 🤔 https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-hardcover/
  2. How about the rune spell - Spirit teacher? You can use the summoned ancestor as the shaman's fetch and shamans are allowed to use their fetch's POW as much as they like(althought all genuine fetch's POW originates from the shaman). This is another case where we had to think about the consequences whether one of the friendly ancestors would have a POW 25 or so and that would Be used on one of the enchantments. So to keep the game world in balance maybe all of the sacrificed points needed to be negotiated somehow or something as written here:
  3. Jokum

    Spirit world

    I found a text that confirms your thoughts. Hero level individuals are no more reqular ancestors: "They operate as immortals instead of ancestors, and receive their own sacrifices instead of partaking of the sacrifices made to the ancestors." Hero wars- Thunder rebels, p.95 There's also a description for the ancestor's day celebration p.94-95
  4. Jokum

    Spirit world

    Yes, you're propably right. I have this "trouble" all the Time: how to follow the rules of the game so we don't "accidentally" do something that would brake the game world balance? Althought, some of the summoned random ancestors could be very powerful(5d6+6) compared to maximum human attributes. ...but that's not a deity level either. Possible hero summoning could need a special task before it could be done. ....maybe even a heroquest level stuff.
  5. Jokum

    Spirit world

    A scetch i made of our apprentice shaman player character - Talkil- and his npc-grandfather - Toras I don't know what would be characteristic for Pol Joni - Daka Fal shamans. There are amazing photos of real world shamans by googling which i used as inspiration.
  6. Very interesting publication. The Picture of contents says the book has 15pages about ancestral spirits but description does not mention what it is about... So what is it about 😅
  7. I thank David Scott for this information and i wonder If full texts and explanations can be found or bought somewhere? Where is this information about the Spirit world coming from? One thing puzzles me about the spirit travelling: RQ rule book says the shaman has one roll for travelling. Does this mean he have to roll only for navigating to new places and he finds the already found places without a roll.
  8. Jokum

    Spirit world

    How do the spirit world differ between Waha and Daka Fal shamans? It is said the outlook is similar to everyones culture. The Rulebook gives an example for Praxian culture which is seemingly Waha based: herds etc. Would a Daka Fal shaman see it in different way? Waha would be based on herds and surviving with clan/tribe in mundane world, Daka Fal would be considered in ancestors and continuation of family traditions and knowledge/wisdom and ofcourse the defferentiation of Life and death. If Daka Fal shaman would see it based on this, i'll come up with only some very abstract ideas... Wah
  9. Our campaign has a PolJoni Daka Fal shaman apprentice and their journey has lead them to Dundealos valley in sacred Time 1625. Daka Fal has The whole season as High holy day. I wonder what this means to the character compared to the others. Will all the cults have a common ceremony where everyone takes part? Daka Fal calls for ancestral spirits to join.
  10. PhilHibbs, nice 😅. Sounds like suitable tasks or even adventures for Daka Fal followers. What to do with a grand-uncle who died two weeks ago, but one day the spirit returned to the body, not understanding it's time to move to another plain 😅 Why is he back? He's got something to say or unfullfilled promises still undone? ...maybe a curse, because he couldn't keep his promise. ...i think im going to use this, it will be fun. Thanks 🙏
  11. Hey, that similarity with Day of the Dead didn't come to my mind. Very good idea , thank you. I suppose the High holy days are not for personal Rune magic casting then? Otherwise one could with 5points of extension for example cast year long true weapon spell and next day similarly with find enemy spell, If all the points are restored with worship roll? ...or summon spirits and with that they could gain the POW checks for every day. How about divination Rune spells during the long Holy days? ...or any what ever spells? I'm just worried that our characters would gain unnecessary
  12. ...creating an old/experienced shaman, how much POW they gain on average per decade? 10? 20? Do they get a POW check per season? Are there possible other sources of POW, like winning a sickness spirits in combat? Sacrificing lot of POW keeps the possibility to gain more of it higher, so maybe keeping their personal POW somewhere around 10 would be optimal and feeding the gained POW first to the fetch and then to enchantments etc.? What would be intelligent strategy for a shaman who has time to think it through?
  13. How are the long high holy days of Chalana Arroy(7days) and Daka Fal(14days)supposed to be understood? Are they counted as one long Holy day or as every day was a new High holy Day? If its one long Holy day then why? Characters have to spend their time in worshipping? If its a new High holy Day every day, do the characters get their runepoints renewed everyday? ...and POW checks everyday? Sounds unfair for the rest of the universe. And i suppose Daka Fal followers will use their Axis mundi magic and have their ceremonies anywhere their Clans happen to be and not some
  14. How about using/sacrificing the POW of the bound spirit? If a character spends the first point from his personal POW for a sacrifice or enchantment can he take all the extra POW from the bound spirit? Is there any ways to use the spirits POW this way? About binding enchantment (RuneQuest (2018) p.249): "The bound entities are bound to the physical world by the lifeforce of the binder. If the binder dies, all their bound entities are immediately freed." I suppose this means the spirits are freed but the enchantment remains. ...althought discorporating adventurer does not cause
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