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  1. Lou Goncey

    STARFARER 2250

    I went ahead and bought the damn thing. It is set in the Starguard miniatures universe, which I do not know. You are rebuying the quick start rules for the BGB, so buyer beware. It is basically a post Star Wars space opera universe, with a collection of weapons and eqipuipment included. Have to read more in-depth to rate it further...
  2. Lou Goncey

    STARFARER 2250

    This pdf just popped up on DrivethruRPG. The pdf is supposed to be used by BRP. But what BRP do they mean? The Big Gold Book is the obvious choice. What is the deal here?
  3. Lou Goncey

    Figuring out "Scanners" type powers

    Good choice. Also try a copy of GURPS Psionics 3e. Fourth edition does not have a Psionics tome. I think it is all combined into powers...
  4. Lou Goncey

    Figuring out "Scanners" type powers

    Unless you just want to use the SCANNERS name to run a psychic game. In that case ignore my constant rambling and probably consult either PSIONICS:THE NEXT STAGE OF HUMAN EVOLUTION by End Transmission Games or THE 13TH LETTER by some Irish company (I believe). They are both pretty great games on the subject.
  5. Lou Goncey

    Figuring out "Scanners" type powers

    To be honest the only powers available in the BGB are Mental Blast, Mental Control, Mental Shield and Telepathy. Mental Shield I kind of question because a person could give a shot of ephemerol to the scanner and temporarily dampen his powers. The GM also would have to come up with a way that both Mental Blast, Mind Control and Telepathy could also work on computers. Also we need some kind of Possesion ability that will allow a scanner to take over another person entirely — kind of like the sleeves used in ALTERED CARBON but without a stack if you have seen that show.
  6. Lou Goncey

    Figuring out "Scanners" type powers

    To do SCANNERS justice, you have to figure out how you would handle the drug EPHEMEROL. The drug created the scanner from birth. Without the drug, the world becomes very hard to live in due to the bombardment of other people’s thoughts. But the drug can also be used to dampen a Scanners power to nothing. interseting problem. Will have to think on it...
  7. Lou Goncey

    Any update on AEON?

    Around six months later -- any news on Aeon?
  8. Lou Goncey

    Any update on AEON?

    Just checking in on any information about how AEON is coming along. Not to be a nag -- just genuinely interested...
  9. Lou Goncey

    New Releases Monday 21st March

    I will be purchasing THE CLOCKWORK PALACE tomorrow. Awesome news.
  10. Lou Goncey

    Any update on AEON?

    Does the current news about the new direction of RuneQuest change the future of AEON?
  11. Lou Goncey

    Any update on AEON?

    Just curious, any update on when we should expect AEON? i am looking forward to it...
  12. Lou Goncey

    Glorantha forum voting POLL

    One forum for Glorantha. Tag specific mechanics threads like this: [13 Age], [RQ6], or [HQ]. If it gets outta hand, you can break off to sub forums later.
  13. Lou Goncey

    Chaosium's Latest Statement on BRP

    "How Chaosium decides to handle things is largely beside the point." Quoted a second time for emphasis.
  14. Lou Goncey

    Official updates from Ulule

    i swear to god I was never doing a kickstarter again. Then I read the thing about dueling over attributes and different skill rolls...Damn You! I am in...
  15. Lou Goncey

    Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

    Southern Reaches. Downloaded everything you have made. Will definitely let you know how it went...