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  1. Do we have an eta for the next books?
  2. How can I tell if I have the latest document ?
  3. Are discounts transferable? My hardback is coming as a gift so my code will go unused?
  4. This thread makes me wanna cry 😭
  5. Feel free to surprise me...I won’t hold my breath though.
  6. Wow I had not realised it’s almost 9 months past the expected delivery date on this... Last communication in June doesn’t inspire me to believe we’ll ever see this delivered.
  7. Gamers are big kids regardless of actual age, and trying to please all of them all of the time is a road to madness. If I was you I’d take the moaning as a good thing, at least they’re eager for more 🤘
  8. Damn massively interested but I think I’d be too much of a distraction, way to fidgety after my spine surgery. Lol finally an event I can get to and I have to be the awkward one.
  9. I’m sure he is since the posts are word for word. Same point same poster, don’t know what bug he has up his ass but he’s been very disingenuous and I’ll call him on it every time.
  10. What’s untrue? He doesn’t say unique he says 4 features that ‘help’ make the game distinct.
  11. Any hints on Mythic Mesopotamia? Edit: Sigh, ignore me just saw that you said Babylon. 😊 And scenario pack for Mythic Britain 😃😃😃
  12. Thanks Jeff, wasn’t expecting anything for a while just good to know how it’s done by you guys. And again great book, I look forward to the next two instalments.
  13. Thanks for the helpful responses 👍 I agree chaosium have great customer service, any suggestion otherwise was a sarcastic response to an unhelpful poster.
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