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  1. It's listed as one of the Eight Treasures of Saird given c.1640 as a present to Argrath and the Feathered Horse Queen so I suspect the Bagnot original was restored to Tarsh after the conquest of Sartar and the Colymar did indeed create a replacement and probably HeroQuest to instil it with power.
  2. Hiya I.just noticed in the Thunder Hills scenario in the GM pack Queen Leika is sitting on the Ivory Throne the Colymar took when they sacked Bagnot in 1440. However according to Dragon Pass Gazeteer of Kerofinela the throne was restored to Tarsh and placed in Bagnot in 1602, causing the walls to magicly rebuild themselves So how did the Colymar get it back by 1625? Is this addressed anywhere? CJ x
  3. So if both roll a success it it is irrelevant who rolled higher or lower?
  4. Anyone made any new 13th Age Glorantha Character sheets? Can you download the official one anywhere but last page of pdf? (I'm printing from my phone so would have to deselect 451 pages manually owing to daft printer interface!).
  5. Yes seems to be the case when the Truth rune is used to understand something about another Rune.
  6. Might be intentional but Speak to Mind p.398 lacks the Combine Technique unlike every other spell using two Runes.
  7. Should Create Wall of Flames on p.392 be Summon Fire not Command? The description of the Technique and analogy with Call Light and Call Dark suggests it should.
  8. That is so but the Technique is Dispel. If it were Summon Truth absolutely. In all other Dispel the Technique reduces the influence of the Rune. Plus the example cited mentions Illusion and makes no sense if this is not a wrong symbol typo?
  9. Logical Clarity spell p.396 is given as Dispel Truth when I'm pretty sure it should be Dispel Illusion. The example of Damastol using it on p.386 gives it as Dispel Truth again but the rest of the example refers to Illusion currently making no sense. And Dispelling Truth is hardly conducive to logical clarity so I think a minor error has appeared in these two entries.
  10. Minor typo p.382 paragraph 3 "individual sorcery" should be "individual sorcerer"
  11. Worshipers spelt with one p throughout rather than the usual worshippers. P.31 the Twenty Runes "Thanks to your unique and backgrounds". Missing a thing!
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