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  1. Yes, picked up Pavis, Big Rubble and Trollpak. Thanks Chaosium. Really nice. I like the feel of the covers, mentioned above. The printing is crisp; the bindings feel solid. Happy to have these. If only RQ III could somehow be resurrected. M
  2. Very good description of Fantasy Grounds. An important distinction- Fantasy Grounds Classic requires port forwarding on the host machine. If you don't know how to do this or don't want to, Unity would be the choice, as you can host using Smiteworks cloud. I ran Masks using Classic a few years ago. It was a PITA to get the port forwarding set up, as I am not an IT guy. The program works very well. I have a Unity subscription now, and plan to run some 7th ed stuff on it. I do love the Classic green table top and am not in love with the new look of the table top. Anyone know if the Unity version
  3. Kronovan, I ran a Necroscope game using Night's Black Agents. NBA lets you custom design your vampires; it was relatively easy to create Lumley's version using the rules. The PCs ran away screaming in the first scenario when they encountered a low level vampire. Fun times. M
  4. No, folks, Chaosium is not destroying your life with their decisions. Yes, this is hyperbole as stated and people will react poorly to it when they feel they were simply commenting or providing feedback. This seems to be your MO, both on YSDC and here. Just because people have opinions and desires which differ from yours or those of Chaosium, does not mean their opinion is wrong or they lack support for the game or Chaosium. You are always banging away about inclusiveness, but that respect doesn't seem to apply to those who have a different opinion than you. You might want to check that.
  5. Achtung Cthulhu is much more pulp focused. The Nazis know about the mythos and several competing factions are trying to make use of it to win the war or garner influence. World War Cthulhu from Cubicle 7 is purist in focus. The Nazis are looking for occult power but will be in over their heads just like everyone else who encounters the mythos. Typically the players will receive 2 missions. One a standard SOE operation and the second, a secret mythos related mission. The 2 might be related but typically are not. There is a shadow org within British intelligence which redirects assets to fight t
  6. Renaissance Deluxe does that with skills. Can you remember the genre of the game you are trying to remember? That would help. M
  7. Not to derail the convo, but if you like 1 GM 1 Player Lovecraft, you might want to check out Macabre Tales from Spectrum games. It is a classic Lovecraft rpg for a GM and 1 player with clever design mechanics that drive the narrative toward a decisive finish. It's on sale at DTRPG right now. I like a few of the Spectrum genre games. M
  8. The holy trinity- spot hidden, library use and shotgun. M
  9. COC has such a wealth of published scenarios you will never run out. I find that published scenarios do several things- provide the basis of the plot which can then be tweaked to suit my needs, and allows me to focus on the memorable player back stories and little details that bring the scenario to life such as location details, sights, sounds, etc. Good luck with your next scenario. M
  10. Yeah, I would do a character creation session and then a short intro session, perhaps which sets up the broad campaign arc- the army is preparing for the march up to the siege. Even something as easy as you are standing in the street when an ammo tumbril mysteriously explodes nearby, what do you do? Or, a cavalry unit rides up looking for lodging and begins throwing people out of the coaching inn- common during the period. What do you do? I like your idea so much I might steal it to start my Renaissance campaign. I will need to look for a siege to use in the English Civil War. Best.
  11. This is a really interesting idea for a campaign, and will probably be very difficult to pull off well for a fairly new GM. If your players buy in fully to the military aspects of the campaign then it may be possible. However, if you have players who prefer to play a character type other than "soldier" you may have difficulty the entire time. How do you explain a wise woman or camp follower out on a scouting mission or sneaking in behind the siege lines? Military campaigns are difficult for multiple reasons- the military authorities who prefer their soldiers to avoid doing anything other than
  12. mvincent, that is really cool. I remember seeing that listed in time slots for Guardian Games? How did it go? Did you have mostly the same players, or different for each slot? Were they continuing characters? Mike D
  13. Where did you get a copy of the vampire wars book? I've been looking for one for a bit. Best. Mike D
  14. Oh. What about Clockwork of Orange? Are there any details about it- how far along? Thanks. Mike D
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