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  1. I haven't ever tried what it is showing at this link, and to be honest IMHO your best best would be to buy/use the BRP ruleset from Chaosium. It will be much easier to make mods to that ruleset. Having said that, the way to get into using FG is to play a game with someone else GMing the game. It doesn't really matter what ruleset they are using. To play in a game only the GM needs to own the ruleset. The necessary files will be downloaded to your computer. I learned how to use FG by playing in a BRP scenario for a number of sessions. The GM then changed the game to Savage Worlds. The GM owned a Ultimate version of the license so we didn't have to buy the program. It didn't take too many sessions before we ( Blackfoot and I) bought into the program ( you might know me as Bostoff from Gringles ). We have been using it on a weekly basis ever since. The way I learned how the program works is by watching the videos located here: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/downloads/ Resources: Top down tokens - http://www.immortalnights.com/tokensite/tokenpacks.html Map making web site: http://pyromancers.com/dungeon-painter-online/ Free maps: http://fantasticmaps.wordpress.com/free-stuff/ http://www.dragonsfoot.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=27578 http://rpgmapshare.com/index.php?q=gallery&g2_itemId=19 I don't really have any FG adventures that I could post. I have mainly been using pdfs that I cut and paste into FG. If you are interested maybe we could set up a time for a demo ( I'm in your time zone ). Possibly using the free demo, or one of the free BRP adventures from Alephtar, a short random encounter, or possibly the Star Wars scenarios posted on this site. I have a GM version of FG2, so either you need to buy a lite copy of FG2 or we could try a DnD 3.5 demo.
  2. More and more impetus to start a SW game on Fantasy Grounds.
  3. Having invested in Fantasy Grounds ( hmm has it been 2 years now ? ) and now game almost exclusively with it, I'm pleased to see a publisher committing to it in a big way. I especially like the sounds of The Zone. BRP Mecha sounds good too. With more settings and support, hopefully the number of BRP players will increase and give the community critical mass the way that the Dnd 4th, Dnd 3.5 and PF communities have with FG. Although I was lured into FG by a GM who ran the BRP scenario In Search of the Troll Slayer using his Ultimate license of FG ( meaning I didn't have to pay anything to try out the software), the GM then corralled us into playing Savage Worlds ( his favourite system). When he had to stop GMing after a year of biweekly sessions, I decided to start a FG game using Pathfinder. The main reasons for choosing PF were my extensive collection of PF pdfs, and the likelihood of finding players who would fit into a restrictive gaming schedule. The more players in the community the greater the chance of finding them. The ease with which pdfs can be converted into FG adventure modules is amazing. The PF support for FG has gotten exponentially better due to the newest version of FG and the number of players in the community. If you are providing FG pre-made modules, it will be that much easier. Obviously you have done your research otherwise you wouldn't be making these business decisions. So the number of FG sales will hopefully support your business plan. My only concern is with the actual BRP FG ruleset itself. If you have any influence with Smiteworks or the FG developer community at large, please for the future of BRP on FG find someone to work on the BRP ruleset or support it in any way possible. Only with active support and development can the community grow. There are a number of the older published FG rulesets ( BRP not included ), that are absolutely languishing because there isn't anyone to keep the code up to date. I really think FG is a solid flexible product and the investment I have made in it has been paid back with around 60 rpg sessions in the last 2 years. Considering that I had experienced approximately zero sessions in the previous 20 years has made it worth it. The cost of the program depending on whether you GM or play is roughly the cost of 1 rpg book. I would look forward to the possibility of playtesting stuff, and get to the goal of BRP/RQ gaming in the future. Well done Paolo !
  4. That review is just crap. Sounds like the reviewer doesn't own BRP but wanted to use it with Elric. It is too bad that it has been a year since it was published and no follow up material. Hard to gain traction as a setting with nothing coming down the pipe.
  5. wbcreighton


    And if you buy a Hard copy of the BGB from Amazon.com it is only $32.81 ( only $5 more than the pdf ).
  6. and if you haven't done it yet, sign up on the brpclassicfantasy yahoogroup. Lots of good stuff there.
  7. The page says under construction. No links.
  8. Simon had brought out his first version before the HG and Merc came out but then he updated the doc to include at least parts of them. Especially the char creation.
  9. To the document file you should probably add: High Guard System Reference Document Copyright © 2008, Mongoose Publishing. Mercenary System Reference Document Copyright © 2008, Mongoose Publishing.
  10. Ok, that sounds reasonable. So if I go to the page that has all of the links to the BRP products: http://basicroleplaying.com/showthread.php/2492-Basic-Roleplaying-Supplements-amp-Links The links we click on, just takes us to the thread for the product within the BRP forum. So things still work in the same way except now the product threads don't have a separate forum. The threads with new posts will still be at the top of the forum, well I can live with that.
  11. I didn't notice the new sticky at the top of this forum originally. The products are still covered in their own threads: http://basicroleplaying.com/showthread.php/2492-Basic-Roleplaying-Supplements-amp-Links But the issue I have is that I still need to check each and every one of those threads to see if the is anything new posted. Whereas before all I had to do was go to the Products Forum and the threads with new posts would be at the top.
  12. I like most of the changes that you made to the site, but there is one thing I will really miss. The separate forum that had a thread for each BRP product and monograph was very useful. When I went to that one page I used to be able to tell if there were any new posts in any of the threads. Now I am going to have to go to each and every thread ( one for each product) to see if there is a new post. Of course I'm not going to do that, so I won't be seeing any of the posts on those threads. Is it possible to re-establish that page ?
  13. Just out of curiosity: wouldn't it be better to send the author a PM or e-mail instead of bumping a thread that he hasn't posted to in close to 2 years ?
  14. I haven't ever used Classic Fantasy but I do have it, as well as Fantasy Grounds. I'm in the Pacific time zone so I might be able to run something on the weekend or late night ( in the EDT ). I have been running a weekly Pathfinder game Thurs 7:00-11:00pm on Fantasy Grounds, so I'm well versed in FG. The group might be willing to take a break from PF so I could run BRP.
  15. Well Blackfoot was trying to test out his RQ2 conversion on Fantasy Grounds on the Guildhouse forum. Have you seen that ? He is your time zone and he is looking for players to play Apple Lane.
  16. Defense (p151) The Super Power 'Defense' should read “Each level of this power subtracts 1% from all attacks” not 5%. Source: Jason ( http://basicroleplaying.com/showthread.php/322-Typos-Errata-Corrections-and-Clarifications?p=7002#post7002)
  17. So, I could be wrong My experience is more from RQ where there is no broad category skill. Each weapon has to be learned separately. So I guess a read of this section would be helpful. Maybe someone else might be able to weigh in.
  18. I don't think you would add the Base chance of a broadsword to your Melee - Swords skill. The base skill is the chance to hit that anyone would have if they picked up the broadsword. Your chance to hit with a Broadsword would be 90% in your example. In a system like RQ2 you would have a different skill % for each different type of sword. There was no broad skill like Melee - Swords.
  19. They are still available as pdfs though. http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/index.php?cPath=5618
  20. What about the classic cinematic struggle for the knife/dagger as it slowly inches towards the heroes neck ? How would you fit that into the rules ?
  21. Mythic is 2 things really. It is a simple rp system for use with solo gaming. Within the rules is a gm emulator that helps direct the plot. The player asks questions about the story or plot ( with yes or no answers) and the answer is derived from random dice rolls, charts and imagination. There are a number of ways of using it from solo gaming or small groups where the Emulator acts as the GM. It requires lots of creative input as with any good rping. Some people use it to act as the GM and other people use it to generate the motives and actions of a group of adventurers whikle they act as the GM. You can purchase Mythic RPG ( which includes the GME) or purchase the Mythic GME separately. The GM Emulator has been converted into a a software program that is freely available ( can be downloaded at the Yahoogroup). It will do the dice rolls and give you the chart results. There is a rather active Yahoo group for Mythic with lots of ideas for using Mythic in different ways with different rpgs, and writeups of solo games. There is a particularly cool writeup of a solo game where the GME is used to generate the actions of a group of Dnd level 1 adventurers exploring the Keep on the Borderland.
  22. Always thought it would make a great setting for BRP. For those interested in PDFs, you can get the everything bundle that includes all the rules, source books and adventures for $29.99 until July 5. I think it includes 17 pdfs. http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=2551&products_id=92700&filters=0_0_0_0&manufacturers_id=2551
  23. Still using it. ( Somehow missed your message until now ). I have been GMing a weekly 1st level Pathfinder game on Thurs 4:45-7:45 pm PDT (GMT-8), and I play a Savage Worlds fantasy dungeon crawl game every second Saturday 11:00am PDT. The PF game will run until the end of June approx. You are welcome to play in either game. The next Savage Worlds game is June 4.

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