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  1. As I said, canon has become diktat, but I had been under the (mis?)impression that these discussions were not limited to canon. So, apologies. Of course all Lunar statements are truth, not propaganda. One sees that now. I had wondered why I was finding Glorantha less and less fun, and was putting it down to being a true grognard. Maybe I was wrong, and obviously must learn when to keep my mouth shut and my keyboard off. Outtahere...
  2. Exactly. The idea that there is a worthy Emperor is a pious fiction. The DH religious-political complex is implicitly dishonest (hardly unique, given RW history) and manufacturing it (GRoY) made it more vulnerable to the Lunars, rather than more resilient.
  3. I believe we still have some freedom as mandated by Greg and YGMV, or is canon now diktat?
  4. Or, in the world of Realpolitik, The Red Emperor cuddled up to the resurgent Dara Happan Emperor and happened to be on hand when he died magically during a 'failed ritual'. every incarnation passes the tests indeed, just as every Emperor is a Mask, and the Darjiini misnumber the Emperors, and the Emperors not infrequently have contradictory policies yet are the same. I don't believe a word of it.
  5. I trust you are being sarcastic, no?
  6. Entirely plausible - but not inevitable, given the Lunar murder of their Emperor, suppression of his heirs, crushing of all resistance and subversion of their religion. It is the latter, I believe, that is their great weak point, given that it is based on a constructed religious history 'found in Alkoth' by Yelmgatha, and having a bare 15 years to bed down before the Lunar appropriation. It is worth noting that in the RW there were cultures who produced new doctrinal documents and declared that they had been 'found in the temple' to give them authenticity and stature. (Deuteronomy is perhaps the best known in the modern era.) Yelmgatha attempts this with GRoY, but I doubt it had time to take wide effect before his death.
  7. Except that it isn't a continuous period. If you allow every nation to 'fill in the gaps' then there are actually many nations that could make such a claim in the present RW. Your latter point is entirely correct, of course, but I was commenting on Dara Happan identity, rather than Lunar. Particularly since the Celestial Empire, I think that Lunar identity is mediated almost entirely through the temples. The arch and arrogant Dara Happans aren't going to impress the peoples of the west of the Empire, particularly since they share in a heritage of the Spolite Darkness which opposed - and broke - it.
  8. How dare you suggest I got the date of the Dawn wrong, particularly when I got the date of the Dawn wrong????🤪 Okay, that is an extra 215 years under alien domination, at least as far as the understood 'Dara Happa' of the Tripolis ruled by itself.
  9. As far as I can tell, using the dates from the Fortunate Succession, Dara Happa only existed as the (independent and whole) Tripolis for 852 years since the Dawn, with numerous interruptions. That date includes some years that should, perhaps, be excluded. Therefore it is worth noting that for much of the post-Dawn era, around 770 years were spent under others, or as a partial nation. Separate traditions will have emerged as part of this, not simply due to the Pre-Dawn 'history'. The Empire can easily manipulate these different strands of thought to weaken ideas of unity, so after 370 years I am not sure how much of a 'Dara Happan identity' will remain.
  10. Oh yes, and the unity of Dara Happa is a divine fiction, anyway....
  11. It might be worthwhile researching the lives of subsistence farmers in the ancient world. You will find that for many breaking-even each year could be classed as a major success. If you are dealing with relatively well-irrigated river lands, such as the Nile, things become different, but even in the present day survival as a farmer is often marginal. Organised societies often flourished by making farming a more communal feature, which could even out the bad years with better crop storage, thus the large landholding temples so prevalent in the Levant, Egypt and Mesopotamia. Rome communalised through large privately owned villa estates, usually assisted with industries and crafts. It would take a miracle for an independent farmer to become financially successful. Sorry, but that's ancient economics for you.
  12. IMG it is experiential, an Otherworld that isn't compliant with Surface World concepts like topological mapping. HeroQuest stations work well, as does anything for a Cyberspace NetRunner!
  13. Hmmm... whilst true, you put me in mind of an occasion I was talking to Tindalos, and told him I was returning from the primary Christian Heroquest. He promptly replied "So you've been presiding at Communion?" Sussed.
  14. Now Tindalos is accusing me of advertising....
  15. At the moment he is formatting 'Alakoring's Legacy', a follow-up to 'Heort's Legacy' that we produced a year ago. After that he may be free for other work.
  16. http://zzabursbrownbook.blogspot.com/2015/03/cacodemon.html This contains Tindalos' version of Cacodemon.
  17. Returning to a previous theme, though, the Credit Rating is not entirely dissimilar to the old Wealth rating in HQ, which indicates that it can truly work for a mythic world. It is also a better approximation to the RW Bronze Age (duck and cover!) than is a cash-based society.
  18. Look Nozbat, I know it's exciting, but really....
  19. Amen, brother AlHazred. Shall we gather at the river, the beautiful Creek/Stream/River?
  20. There are also likely to be small shrines connected with any Dara Happan regiments stationed in DP, for the sake of the noble officers.
  21. In which case, according to Cults of Terror, that does include Vivamort, Nysalor, and Thanatar. While Krarsht lacks the rune, Primal Chaos is an associate cult, and she does grant Defend against Law and Face Law, which certainly implies something! Bagog also has the rune, and has tribes ruled by queens, which strikes me as a social structure. I think 'good for Glorantha' can all to easily be slanted as 'good for the cultures I like'.
  22. The Orlanthi and the Uz certainly had cause to identify Nysalor as chaotic, but he was a great builder of society. Vivamort creates society by way of the vampire's dependence upon a stable group of prey. Thanatar creates a society based on stolen knowledge. Krarsht is the soul of corrupt bureaucracy. Creating society is not the same as 'doing something good'.
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