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  1. I find that a lot of the abilities/feats/etc. in 13th Age Glorantha, with a bit of tweaking, make for good heroquest rewards.
  2. "Excuse me, sir, can you direct me to the nearest riddler?"
  3. These are great @gochie - we've had problems running out of space in some places with the official sheets and these look to solve that problem.
  4. This is basically the way Mythras does it, with a few extra bells and whistles. I found it a pretty easy system to use. I'd say that in your super-simple RQG system skill checks that are normally [characteristic] x 5 become x4 in winded, x3 in tired and x2 in exhausted.
  5. Exactly. Search the ancient cities for signs of prisons as we know them today and you won't find any. The closest is the Tullianum of Rome, which was simply a holding center for those awaiting execution, like Vercingetorix or Sejanus. Instead, you'd be sentenced to hard labor, which makes the salt mines of Pavis a great example. And a great adventure seed...
  6. So...the planned encounter with a couple of Zorak Zoran priests (one also a shaman), some experienced troll warriors, trollkin slingers, and a variety of Dehori and spirits never occurred because for once the players decided to talk it out first... The Death Lord on the other hand later on released his shades, had his allied spirit cast darkwall, cast seal wound, hammered against the Humakti's shield and broke it...and was promptly decapitated by the Vingan, who critted to the head despite the -75% penalty for the dark (so much for the allied spirit healing and supporting). The large shade did take out the Humakti and the Vingan, and a medium shade took out the shaman - all with fearshock. However, elementals are very easy to hit, and the Champion of Pavis armed with a composite bow and Multimissile 3 (3 magic arrows per shot, 3 times a round thanks to 19 DEX) and a quick NPC with Speedart were together able to make short work of them. At some point I will have an encounter where the PCs are actually up against roughly equal numbers of similarly-skilled opponents or larger numbers of less skilled, and I'll try to post a summary here.
  7. I had no idea what a West Marches-style campaign meant, so I found this. It's a bit too long and neatly formatted to quote here. It sounds perfect for a Gloranthan campaign, especially with the 'Home base' requirement that fits neatly into the RQG framework. And Griffin Mountain provides everything you need to run exactly such a campaign. Sun County/Shadows on the Borderland can be used that way too with a little more work. The Pavis Heroquest book has a nice set of random encounter tables for a Prax/Pavis campaign too - each one of the encounters can be a session if played right. I'd love to hear what you come up with.
  8. It's actually the players who realized this first at my table - they used a Shade they'd got from a Heroquest to waltz through the rune-level adversaries I'd thrown at them (they had luck on their side as well - two insta-kills in the first two attacks). Our Foundchild shaman is already making plans for bargaining with powerful hunting spirits (who of course will have Multispell Disruptions) to have them help out. This week's session should see them take on a party of trolls occupying the Champion of Pavis' manor, so I'll be deploying these tactics back at them. If I keep detailed enough notes, I'll post what happens here.
  9. One important thing to remember is that once your party reaches Rune Lord level, a lot of them will be defending against every POW-based attack with an effective POW of 21. So most offensive spells, even those cast by high-POW opponents, are going to bounce off them. Large elementals, however, have large POW stats and/or attack with their large stats against non-POW stats, so they will be the weapon of choice against Rune level parties - at least in my experience so far. A large Shade, for instance, not only has a good chance of hurting a Rune Lord, but a small chance of killing her outright. An enemy who knows they will be facing Rune Lords should have access to elementals, I suspect, even if they are moving terrain. Similarly, spirits, which have been discussed above in spirit combat roles, can have high POW and spell capability, so a shaman who controls some of those can suddenly start hurting Rune Lord parties in a way to which they may have become unaccustomed.
  10. "It looks like Jeff had been working on a way to run heroquests that does not require the GM to first create a myth that then the players must memorise and go through in the Godplane. The approach Jeff is working on consists on going to the Godplane and creating the myth as the players go through it, so there is no longer the need to plan and prepare a coherent myth before play. That is to say, the in-world characters do know the myth beforehand, it's just that it won't be necessary for other players (and the GM!) to know it beforehand. In order to achieve this, he's working on a set of maps of the Godplane, where you can see how all the myths interact, so at least the GM can have a good picture of where can the PCs end up if they do certain things in each mythic place, so by chaining Godplane events, players can get to a climax not even the GM was aware of before the beginning of the quest. In my opinion this sounds like a fresh and great idea so people have it easier to go heroquesting without the need to first find the most appropriate myth." This is fantastic - the sort of creative approach I'd always hoped for from RQ heroquesting rules. My players have always found "playing out a myth" confusing and even started to avoid them.
  11. There are plenty of people within Western Civilization who could do this, but as the great LM sage Ricardo pointed out, there is a principle at play called comparative advantage, which stipulates that regions specialize in things where they have the biggest advantage, and for most of the developed world mass printing is not that. Another great sage named Krugman explains that here: http://web.mit.edu/krugman/www/ricardo.htm
  12. I have CDM 1,3, and 4 sitting on my shelves. They are all in my Gloranthan sandbox, even if heavily modified. My PCs have never gone anywhere near any one of them... Ironically I remember the one I don't have (The Lost Shrine) being described in White Dwarf as very Runequesty, whatever that meant.
  13. Your best bet is The Glorantha Sourcebook https://www.chaosium.com/the-glorantha-sourcebook-pdf/ That lays out the mythology of the setting pretty well and has enough about Arkat to build on. Briefly, there were two ages before the current age. In the first age a "perfect" god named Nysalor appeared who ruled most of the continent from a majestic city in Dorastor. However, alongside his perfect rule chaos started seeping into the world. A hero appeared in the west called Arkat who led a long campaign against Nysalor, whom the Arkati called Gbaji. Arkat went through many different methods of defeating Gbaji, at one point becoming a troll, and perishing at least once, before entering Dorastor and confronting his enemy face-to-face. The victor claimed to be Arkat, but who knows? He then founded an empire in Ralios before his apotheosis. That was the end of the first age. In the second age, thanks to the machinations of a cursed people called the God Learners, the power and cult of Arkat was shattered. There are now many different aspects of Arkat, all worshipped by people who claim it to be the one true version of the cult. That's really all you need to go on here. Because Arkat's cult has never been worked up officially, you can make it whatever you want.
  14. My mental picture of Ralios is of a swords-and-sorcery version of medieval Italy. Lots of dueling city-states with rulers who don't last very long owing to some court intrigue or other, plus Arkati wizards with their own agendas, who also may or may not last very long. Assassinations are commonplace. Nevertheless, the trade around Lake Safelster makes the area rich and full of merchants. Your player's character would quite easily have the philosopher background, with a specialization in refuting the arguments of heretic Arkati (there are lots of Arkats...sadly the cult has never officially been worked up in the Ralian context AFAIK). That deep philosophical background won't matter in Sartar, as there are very few Arkati around to debate with, so you can just hand-wave it. The PC should be confident in her *secret knowledge*, however, and would probably view the Sartarites as illiterate barbarians. Perhaps she offended a rival sect and there are other Arkati coming after her? The bigger issue you'll find is that RQG sorcery isn't nearly as flexible as Mythras sorcery, and contains a lot of fiddly bits that in my experience so far slow down play. Our party sorcerer has given up trying to use sorcery in combat and just uses it to pre-buff the party (for which you'll need a LOT of magic points - I'd give a starting sorcerer an MP storing enchantment or crystal). That is a conscious design choice. Note also language rules. I'd give a far-traveling starting PC extra languages in Tradetalk and possibly the local language for your campaign otherwise things could get very frustrating.
  15. Thanks for the responses, everyone. I want spell drain in my Glorantha and will write a myth for how Vivamort has this power, which our Humakt Sword should appreciate. I think @soltakss has the right idea mechanically. Despite their mechanical similarity, I see the Dancers in Darkness as different from Vivamorti (I view Delecti as a tragic figure, about whom plays should be written) and see no reason for them to have this power. A RQIII Vivamort write-up was promised in Lords of Terror, iirc. Was one ever written?
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