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  1. Ultor

    No love for crushing?

    It seems to me that one way to increase the value of a special smashing attack is to say that if it hits the head, it automatically counts as a subduing attack as per the Rune Fixes additions. And/or give the successful crusher a free immediate Knockback attempt as per p. 224. This might make staff-wielding Little Johns a bit more effective.
  2. Ultor

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    I have a long-term plan to place The Caverns of Thracia by the great Jennell Jacquays in Glorantha. The idea is that the Godlearner Thanrax the Fair founded a port near Sog's Ruins called Thanracia, which was cut off by the Closing and then the descendants of the God-Learners turned to Thanatar worship (instead of Thanatos). Add in an undead Dragonewt priest and a pissed-off Minotaur lord and you have something Gloranthan. I have a suspicion that the original version might have been written for RQ, as a lot of JJ's early Dungeoneer scenarios were before conversion to DnD, but have no evidence to back that up.
  3. Ultor

    Dragonspeaker Cult (First Draft)

    I really like the Dragonewt Rune mechanics. I worry that the cult itself is a bit too Immanent Mastery-ish in that it is centered around transforming oneself temporarily into a dragon, which I don't think is what the EWF was all about - they seemed to be about achieving draconic consciousness. I'm giving the dragonfriend in my campaign access to Dragonewt magic as she awakens new stages of draconic consciousness, but have been playing that by ear rather than with any dedicated rules. I'll be interested to see you experiences with this in play.
  4. Ultor

    Critical damage example.

    Agreed. We've been playing it as max special damage and it's led to insta-death of enemies on several occasions. The players haven't complained, but the Humakti will be a bit cross if it happens to him. I'm almost certainly going to House Rule it to max damage and rolled special.
  5. Ultor

    So what happened to the Communication rune?

    I was just rereading Plato's Republic Books VIII and IX (the long winter nights just fly by...) and was struck by the section in IX about the soul as being in tension between the monster and the man (there's a third element, the lion, but let's ignore that for these purposes). This sounds like beast and man runes to me. It made me think that Western Philosophers could be all about perfecting one element of these dual powers to the detriment of the other, which is how Plato defines the just man. As my campaign has a need for these right now, I am taking Plato as my guide. The Hrestoli will be all about perfecting the man part of man/beast (which seems to fit with the Guide), the Rokari will be all about perfecting harmony over disorder (they really don't like people rocking the boat), and Ashara/Caselain will be all about Movement. This gives me runes to base the sorceries around and perhaps the basis for Vows if I'm going to introduce that mechanic into sorcery.
  6. Ultor

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    Ave atque vale, great Shaman. Your imagination has taken me places I'd never have dreamed of. I'll break out the Powzie! in your honor tonight.
  7. Ultor

    Balancing combat encounters

    If only Don Turnbull were still around to devise a RQ-based Monstermark System. Hours of mathematical fun for all the family.