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  1. Ultor

    Vampires and Spell Drain

    Thanks for the responses, everyone. I want spell drain in my Glorantha and will write a myth for how Vivamort has this power, which our Humakt Sword should appreciate. I think @soltakss has the right idea mechanically. Despite their mechanical similarity, I see the Dancers in Darkness as different from Vivamorti (I view Delecti as a tragic figure, about whom plays should be written) and see no reason for them to have this power. A RQIII Vivamort write-up was promised in Lords of Terror, iirc. Was one ever written?
  2. Ultor

    The Printed RQ GM Screen Pack

    We've found the "artsy" ones much more difficult to use. There are some background effects that make reading a skill marked down in pencil very hard to read, for instance.
  3. Ultor

    Vampires and Spell Drain

    One of the frightening things about Vampires in RQ2 (Cults of Terror) was that they could drain Rune Magic, draining the last rune spell sacrificed for if they reduced their victim below 3 POW. I'd like to have the same effect for Vampires in RQG, given that they are all supposed to be Vivamort rune levels and utterly terrifying (who knows what magic they might have?) However, the Rune Point mechanic makes simply transferring the ability difficult. I suppose I can have a mechanism for draining Rune Points, perhaps draining them after they have drained MPs (up to a limit of their pre-death POW?) but how to decide what spell they drain, given that all cultists generally know all common Rune spells? This would obviously only come into play in-combat. I suppose I could just determine randomly, but if anyone has any better ideas, I'd love to hear them.
  4. Ultor

    Troll Break Market Map and Legend

    That's a fun map, which I shall use. Thanks!
  5. Ultor

    Additional Sorcery Spells

    This was implicitly designed as a non-Tap spell - Tap implies taking essence and gaining it, while this simply removes the essence from where it should be.
  6. Ultor

    The Blind King's Palace

    I used the floorplans from the classic White Dwarf scenario "The Halls of Tizun Thane" as the Palace in my game. I threw in quite a few elements from that scenario, including the brain-eating monster, and the mirrors as sorcerous entryways to Dragonewt roads (including a long-lost road to Kralorela). MGHV, of course.
  7. Ultor

    Sorcery: Starting Rune and Technique Mastery

    Yes, to be an effective starting Sorcerer you really have to be a Philosopher. This makes sense. However, it is really difficult to become an effective sorcerer "in game." I can see the intention, but there's little MGF there. I'd have "Scrolls of Revelation," that reveal the secret of a Technique or Rune upon reading (perhaps at the cost of an additional point of POW, or something) to quicken things up a bit.
  8. Ultor

    Additional Sorcery Spells

    Yes, Command is probably necessary. There could be a version without Command that just sets them off at random, like Firestorm/Blizzard spells in certain games. I imagine Air could create a Skyrim-style "Unrelenting Force" effect or simply be used to disrupt archery. I can imagine a special effect of the animated air plucking arrows out of the sky. Excellent - particularly the point about Enhance POW. I bet the GodLearners knew how to do that, though.
  9. Ultor

    Additional Sorcery Spells

    Excellent suggestion. The idea that the sorcerers are manipulating primal air (ie Umath) makes sense as well (although in my Glorantha, Umath somehow became Humakt when he lost his air powers after his conflict with Shargash, so I'll need to work on that...)
  10. Ultor

    Additional Sorcery Spells

    Indeed. I'm converting from the RQ6/Mythras system so needed as close a facsimile as possible within the new rules. I'll edit the original post to reflect that omission.
  11. Ultor

    Rules for bar fight?

    I'm sure Gimpy's has a sign outside saying "No Pencil Necks." If not, Loud Lilina's certainly does.
  12. Ultor

    Rules for bar fight?

    The rules for subduing and disarming are here: https://www.chaosium.com/blogrune-fixes-1-clarifications-and-play-examples/ Also, immobilizing the head via grappling could be regarded as knocking the character out, although iirc the rules are silent on this.
  13. Ultor

    Rules for bar fight?

    Indeed, but iirc that was no-holds-or-weapons-barred.
  14. Ultor

    Rules for bar fight?

    Fist, Kick, Grapple, Knockback, Dodge, Thrown Rock give you the basics. I'd make any improvised weapon have 1d4 damage with crushing (for a beer mug or plate) or slashing (for a kitchen knife). The free Rune Fixes document contains rules for subduing and disarming.
  15. That's very close to what I said on this thread Jeff pointed out that, for Lhankor Mhytes at least, there was a mythic reason for their sorcerers to study the Fire/Sky rune - the Mistress of the Light of Knowledge.