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    RQ in Glorantha is my real passion, starting way back in 1980. I've also dabbled in lots of other games and genres over the years, but the lozenge keeps beckoning me back.
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    GMing an RQ in Glorantha game which began in Prax 1617
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    Too many weird and wonderful interests to list really, so here's a flavour: RPG and some boardgaming; poor quality art; die-cut plug-wiring diagrams; beat writers; free jazz and other unpopular noises; mannequins; psychogeography; Christian kitsch.

    My work is user experience/ interface stuff on websites and I play in a couple of bands.

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  1. @Cultist of Sooty High llamas, look no further: War Llama PRE-ORDER
  2. I don’t really know what to say, I feel such a loss despite never meeting Greg. His creation Glorantha has been one of the enduring elements of my life since I was first introduced to it in 1980, and I have spent so much time enjoying myself there. I feel incredibly grateful to Greg for opening the window to that world. Not just that world though - Greg’s contribution has been so much more, for many of my interests and ways of thinking have been moulded and influenced by the ways of seeing which Runequest, his other games and his shamanic insight encouraged. What a wonderful legacy of enquiry, creativity and playfulness Greg leaves behind.
  3. There's a really useful calendar with holy days on it at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0J20AZXw-hDdUlDckFySUNvbXc/view
  4. I've followed the map in the Coming Storm (p58) which indicates the Black Fox are north of the Emerald Sword, but southwest of Aroka Lake. I do extend their land to the lake, where in the Coming Storm it appears to end just shy of it. Overlaying the territory of each clan on Argan Argar Atlas hexes indicates the Black Fox are the smallest clan of the Dinacoli, though like the Rain Blossom they share no borders with other tribes. Aroka Lake is a meeting point of 4 Dinacoli clans: Emerald Sword, Black Fox, Rain Blossom and Korolain. It has great significance in maintaining coherence of the tribe, and there is a celebration there every year. The red tinge of Aroka's blood has in recent years been seen as an auspicious sign of Lunar benevolence, and Lunar priests are now invited to the ceremony.
  5. @jajagappa The significance of Chalk Man and his importance in Kolating tradition is one of the big things which has led to Chalk Man Vale being such bitterly disputed territory. SC p271 tells us that Chalk Man Hill is in Tovtaros territory, which is on the northwest side of the valley above Loch Lake. The Tovtaros are in disarray following the failure of the Righteous Wind Rebellion (WF #15 p45). Just across their borders are the ascendant Vantaros, wealthy and powerful Dinacoli and new upstarts the Tres. All are vying for support from the powerful spirit of the Vale.
  6. @Ian Cooper Thanks for the compliments, I shall put more work into it and pull together a submission. Are you at Schloss Neuhausen in a fortnight? Would be great to discuss there if you are.
  7. OK, here are some initial thoughts on the other 3 clans of the Dinacoli. Ian - one thing which really struck me about the 4 clan locations in the Coming Storm is that they leave an awful lot of Dinacoli land to be occupied by the remaining 3 clans. I've dealt with this by doing 4 things: Considered the Woods of the Dead to be claimed by a clan, but in reality they haven't cut a sod there since Brangbane took up residence. Thought a similar situation to be prevalent in the southwest lands which border the Dragonewt Wildlands. Occupation of the land there is considered valid, but it's largely hunting territory rather than occupied and cultivated land. Extended the Vanstach into that southwest corner, taking the reference to them as monopolising Theatre Tradethink Market in King of Sartar as my cue. Considered the extent of Dinacoli control in Chalk Man Vale and towards Alone to be questionable post-Righteous Wind Rebellion, and instead suggested bloody strife between tribes as control of those areas remains under dispute. Given those things, here's an idea of how it''s looking so far: Donalf (Golden Plow) The fertile lands between the Bone Hills and the Donalf Stream are home to the Donalf. Chief Vadkalarg Ruddycheeks resides at Journey's End, which got its name because many of those who first migrated here from Tarsh saw how rich the land was and decided they needed to travel no further. Their belief proved auspicious, for only a generation later Carostar Cuts-the-land found the Golden Plow. Lodril is worshipped heavily, and the Donalf were first among the Dinacoli to recognise the Golden Spearman as Yelmalio. Well fed and settled, there are those who accuse the Donalfi of being slovenly and indulgent. They are certainly comfortable in their fertile lands, but the existence of Sword Hill in their land means there are many Humakti drawn from the clan, and the Bone Hills and dragonewt settlements within their lands have required significant magical resources to resolve. Ixobri The wealthy settlement of Herongreen is the seat of Ixobri Chief Eosardes Open-Arms, who has welcomed Lunar Imperial influence and the rule of Harvar Ironfist with alacrity. The Ixobri profit enormously from both. Herongreen's position at the junction of the Pavis Road and King's Road has seen its market increase massively and wayfarer's inns open in the land around it. Like Blue Boar Fort it is becoming a small town. The village is famed for the Heron Green Dancers, who dance on stilts. Chalk Man Vale is a melting pot of tribes. Ixobri lands extend up its southeast flank as far as Loch Lake, with the Vantaros on the other side and the High Vale occupied by the Tovtaros. Since the Righteous Wind Rebellion the newly formed Tres have claimed part of the vale beyond the lake, a claim vigorously denied by the Ixobri. All four tribes wrestle over this area, and the disputes over its ownership become more bloody and intractable as the years move on. Korolain Occupying the dangerous territory between Aroka Lake and the Woods of the Dead, the Korolain are custodians of the Pavis Road between the Creek and Herongreen and defenders against the horrors of the Woods of the Dead. Though they claim the Woods of the Dead as clan lands no steads have been cut there since Brangbane's awful occupation. Chief Hoftar the Gruff leads this bloody clan, whose fierce countenance is conditioned by the ever present threat of Brangbane's ghouls. They are the most uncompromising of the Dinacoli, and hold to traditional Orlanthi ways in the beleaguered defence of their land. Extended families live in highly fortified stone steads, much like those in parts of the eastern Far Place. Hunting is important, for the depredations of the undead render agriculture and herding difficult. The high tariff they exact from those who seek aid through their lands helps to feed the clan. Vanstach Lands extend west of the Donalf stream. They have a monopoly at Theatre Tradethink Market where they trade foodstuffs, especially black-eye peas and beef from red cattle. Known for Dragon Bread which may be imbued with many qualities from the strange things which the dragonewts trade. Other than the market there are few steads east of the Donalf Stream due to incursions of quakebeasts from the Dragonewt Wildlands.
  8. Hi Simon, I haven't got the Mirin's Cross or Pamaltela maps - I'm definitely interested in them. Graeme
  9. Will do. I'll be sketching out some details of the clans too, I'll share those too when I've got beginning outlines of their characteristics.
  10. Thanks all. WF#15 gives them 7 clans. Ian - thanks for doing the groundwork and making up the first four, I'll forge on and work on the remaining three to flesh out the tribe in my campaign.
  11. Thanks Martin - I've realised that becomes clear once I cross reference the map on p58 Coming Storm with p47 Wyrms Footnotes. I wonder which clan is to the north of Aroka Lake?
  12. What are the clans of the Dinacoli? From the Coming Storm we have the Rain Blossom, Black Fox, Emerald Sword and Vanstach. A Glorantha Digest post from 1999 mentions these: Boarhead, Brown Boar, Donalf, Emerald Sword, Fox & Rain Blossom. I'm interested to know what the clans are northwest of those listed in The Coming Storm, particularly those in the areas of Blue Boar Fort, Herongreen and Chalk Man Vale.
  13. m0n0cular


    What about bound spirits in the bodies of hibernating animals? The binder can't stray too far from from their spirit or the bond is broken, so they pin themselves down to a tight geographical area during the periods of hibernation. What mythological precedents might there be for taking on such a restriction?
  14. Here's something I put together four years back - a spreadsheet of which places, races and cults appear in various magazines, fanzines and other off-piste resources. Correct up to 2013 based on the resources available to me at the time which I'd had the time to index. I could definitely do with bringing it up to date, but anyway I hope it's useful in its partial completeness. Places, races, cults
  15. m0n0cular


    Thanks @Byll It's not in the printed Collected or Complete Griselda, but I've found it on Oliver's Griselda site here http://www.griselda.org.uk/03MEET.html A very timely discovery - I have a party due to arrive in Alone shortly, got some last minute things to write into it now.
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