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  1. My sisters birthday
  2. Pretty sneaky, guys

    Cymru am byth
  3. Pretty sneaky, guys

    People get too caught up in such things. As long as it's dealt with in the same tone and respect as Loz & Petes other work they should just chill and enjoy.
  4. Late to the party

    So a HQ 2.5?
  5. Late to the party

    Isn't HQ pretty much generic?
  6. What's needed

  7. What's needed

    Do you need both the keepers and investigators books?
  8. RuneQuest Quick Start free download?

    If you go to the purchasable item and scroll down it's there. beat to it by a fellow Welshman lol
  9. Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 1

    I will, as a complete Glorantha virgin I'll have questions and comments I'm sure
  10. Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 1

    Gutted I didn't get time to read these pages till today but it'll be interesting to compare them to your comments
  11. Luther Arkwright, why are the Disruptors doing what they do?

    Maybe they're nihilistic.
  12. Sartarite Tribal Relations

    I'd imagine like you suggest it depends on their relationship. If their friendly you'd probably be treated as a guest. Unfriendly tribes could range from rude abuse to physical assault depending on why they don't like each other. In a lot of ancient societies crossing into another tribes/clans land was done only with intent and respect or to cause trouble.
  13. Runequest Actual Play

  14. HeroQuest Actual Play

    Thanks all in enjoying your recommendations