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    Playing in a D&D game that's winding down. About to run a Mythras game.
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  1. HorusArisen


    That’s nuts
  2. HorusArisen


    You know I’m planning out a game using Mythras next but if I can knock my groups expectations out of the park I’m so selling on a Glorantha game afterwards. Im really falling in love with the setting and it seems everything your doing in the game will make it so they emphasise each other. Who knows maybe after those two I can finally get them to retire the d20 😉
  3. I think the cover was a good call, it’s distinctive.
  4. I started out quite anti-RQG since I had Mythras and couldn’t see why I’d bother with a ‘retro edition’ but I’ve got to say thanks to the guys great promotion and general engagement I’m looking forward to adding this to my RPG collection. It’ll be my Glorantha game and welcome for it. As to the ‘delays’ I’d rather that than see a rushed out product and to be honest I don’t think it’s taking that long (except as a reflection of my own impatience).
  5. HorusArisen

    Red Moon Rising

    Again it’s not about delivery. I wouldn’t personally have backed them without research on their reliability there. It is about the disdain they treat the backers with, maybe that’s acceptable to you, something I can personally ignore but when I see a big up yours to others it riles me. Sorry but if you can’t take five minutes a month to talk to the people who gave you money then maybe you shouldn’t be asking for it. No ones complaining about delays, or accused anyone of doing a runner. Just wanting the occasional nod and soft update. As it is instead of excited and engaged backers talking up the game you have what?
  6. HorusArisen

    Red Moon Rising

    Regrettably, hands down my worst experience with a KS so far. The you’ll get what I give you attitude has really soured me to the entire project.
  7. HorusArisen

    Red Moon Rising

    It ain’t about stroking the customer. You might know him, they don’t and he could be swanning around in Hawaii for all they know. Do you thinking taking five seconds to ping a message to the people paying for your little artistic project is to hard? Try backing it like other companies and hope you sell enough to recoup your investment. Between this and another designer who finds his consumers to much work to bother I can see why a lot of people lose faith in KS. Lucky for me I have the opposite example of a class act, a small publisher who despite some real serious illness kept the lines of communication open and guess what, not a single complaint about the delays from his backers, just gratitude for being open, honest and informative and a project coming out shortly they’re excited about...not writing off.
  8. HorusArisen

    Red Moon Rising

    So basically your backers can kiss it? Nice attitude. I guess backing you guys is a case of caveat emptor. Im guessing you were a lot friendlier when cap in hand you were asking for people’s money.
  9. HorusArisen

    RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    I’m probably qualified as an old gamer and I love the CS, definitely print that out...just using the work printer
  10. HorusArisen

    All the books!

    Thanks that’s amazingly thorough
  11. HorusArisen

    All the books!

    Only problem I see is that only focuses on Glorantha right?
  12. HorusArisen

    All the books!

    Great thanks again both
  13. HorusArisen

    All the books!

    Still it’s something. Thanks