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  1. Not really my cup of tea but I'll definitely take a look when this comes out. After the vampire wars that is.
  2. Love the look of the Conan game and definitely in the list to run in the future
  3. That would be a good format, small optional supplementals like that are a great way to add expansion to a game without making it mandatory in some players minds.
  4. Burning Wheel has a social combat mechanic that is fairly robust. Duel of Wits is pretty good at simulating the combat of a social encounter whilst still encouraging the players to think and act and play their characters.
  5. Man that's the first time I've ever wanted an oriental supplement for a game
  6. In my endeavour to be politely helpful I read your post too briefly/quickly, something I'm sure you've never done. I'll avoid bothering in the future as I'm sure my single sentence was a chore to read.
  7. No they've been discontinued. I'd guess due to licensing but couldn't say with any authority.
  8. For nostalgic purposes and because I I had some disposable income I've picked up RQ2. Is there value in picking up any of the things ther classics available or as they become available for use with RQG?
  9. Agreed Between the Design Mechanism and Chaosium I seem to have my gaming and fantasy itch well scratched
  10. That's great news and as and when is fine
  11. Will the rest of the Stafford Library also be available on Kindle at any point?
  12. Following
  13. Why is this a problem? Seems quite realistic to me. If you have players who fall back on it too often can't you do as Loz suggests and prep a counter?
  14. Contentious thread, I think I'll go with the middle ground and use what I like and ignore the rest.
  15. Interesting I'll have to take a gander.