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  1. I'd imagine like you suggest it depends on their relationship. If their friendly you'd probably be treated as a guest. Unfriendly tribes could range from rude abuse to physical assault depending on why they don't like each other. In a lot of ancient societies crossing into another tribes/clans land was done only with intent and respect or to cause trouble.
  2. Thanks
  3. Thanks all in enjoying your recommendations
  4. Tables on the right if I saw correctly. Left was Starfinder? Looked like fun was had
  5. Popped my head in but the games were all under way, lots of smiles so assume they were being enjoyed
  6. Thanks, not a huge fan of samurai/historical era Japan but I'm looking forward to having a read. I don't speak Spanish but I can copy paste into a translate app
  7. Thanks again lol
  8. Thanks
  9. Looks good, why the 4d6 roll rule though? Ravenloft like many D&D settings could use an alternate rule set. I look forward to your posts
  10. If this goes well maybe we can do the same for the sourcebook and other writings. kudos David this is a great way to go through the guide and doubles my pleasure in buying it now
  11. Apparently I can't skip shopping Cant wait to get everyone's opinion on the QS
  12. I'm in, seems like a great way to learn and absorb the setting Should have plenty of time to read and comment on trips to the hospital and back. roll on...
  13. Awesome, I'll start being very nice to her