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  1. Another thought on the multiple "Detect Enemies" situation. If the problem is that I suspect there is an enemy sneaking through my Clan lands, and want to search for him using just my "Detect Enemy" RQ Spell /HQ ability, - ('I cast "Detect Enemies" ', 'There are none within 40m' - 'OK I walk 80m away and cast it again...') it may seem like the RQ character will rapidly run out of Magic Points/POW, while the HQ character will just keep going until he finds the enemy, but that's not how you would frame the contest - Searching for an individual in the clan lands 40m at a time, especially if they can keep moving, would be very difficult (at least)* so you set a high difficulty and then, as Jeff said The player rolls the dice, compares the result to the Difficulty Level the gamemaster has assigned and based on the results of the dice roll, the gamemaster determines the outcome So a Major success might let you find him before he spots you, A minor success lets you find him, but he sees you too *((If you want to translate via RQ rules then you could say "Your chances of finding him before you exhaust your magic is extremely low", and set the difficulty that way, but it seems an unnecessary step to me))
  2. Not exactly.... In RQ You ask "What are you doing?" - "Casting 'Detect Rebel Scum'" In HQ You ask "What are you hoping to achieve?" - "Locating the Rebels" - "How are you doing that?" - "with my 'Detect Rebel Scum' Feat" If 'Detect Rebel Scum' doesn't find the Rebels, you can't keep trying until the GM says "No," because it failed to solve the problem the first time, so you need to find another method to achieve your aim, or set a different aim (or wait for circumstances to change sufficiently that you can justify trying the original method again - say if the Rebels did something particularly noticable) The approaches are different, but the underlying Gloranthan reality is that while the Lunars might be able to magically detect a couple of powerful Orlanthi trying to sneak through the hinterlands of the Empire, they certainly cant be certain of identifying the whereabouts of every Orlanthi who happens to be travelling through...
  3. Magical detection of enemies is likely focused on traditional foes - the presence of a Pentan in the party may be more problematic than the presence of an Orlanthi in many areas!