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  1. You could also take a "powerd by the apocalypse"/DungeonWorld type approach - On a complete success you take out the guards quickly, quietly and safely (ie without taking damage). If you only manage a marginal success you take out the guards, but either they injure/wound you, or they delay you, or they manage to raise the alarm - you can allow the players to choose which. Another way to think of it (and I think @Ian Cooper has posted about it here) is on a "Yes, and"/"Yes"/"Yes, but"/"No, but"/"No"/"No, and" continuum. The framing is the bit before you roll the dice when you decide what (sort of thing) those results will entail.
  2. I was a little surprised that 13G did not take Pavis/Big Rubble as it's base setting, given that they "sort of" exist to provide a "D&D Environment" for RQ players, and I'm sure the "Borderlands" campaign could be mined for 13G - It allows for the PC's to explore and learn about the Praxian setting as outsiders working for Duke Raus
  3. Eleven Lights seems to have sold well from what little I know. If so that might suggest a companion volume of additional scenarios could also be well received. Possibly WF would be a good place for the "detailed Heroquest for a specific cult" idea that was also suggested - partly because you'd only need to have produced/tested etc one before publication rather than waiting for a whole book's worth, and also because the background/myth information would be generally useful/of interest to those who do not play (or even like) HQ
  4. I was wondering whether a "Giant Robot"/"Mobile Suit" type setting might be a good fit, but realised that it's not a genre I know enough about to do much more than think "Hey, that'd be cool..."
  5. Orlanthi Warrior Orlanthi by Tim Ellis, on Flickr
  6. Durulz Warrior Durulz Warrior by Tim Ellis, on Flickr
  7. I've not painted any figures for years (and was never very good at it anyway) - but I do have some nice Gloranthan figures painted by Niamh Brewer of Waylands Forge (my FLGS) Telmori Warrior Telmori Warior by Tim Ellis, on Flickr
  8. P403 "Inspire Scorpion Man" the second line says "it rerolls the attack using +15 on the attack roll" while the 9th line says "the attack bonus is +19" (I suspect it should be 19 to agree with the description given on p426 under Gagix Two-Barb
  9. The Humakti Level Progression table on Page 170 says "Although not listed on this table, this class gets three talents." - But they are listed on the table!
  10. Page 134 - Canendrical Time Pretty sure they should be runes...
  11. I am uncertain about this phrase on P6 (Frona) > such as the Rathori Bearwalkers or the Reindeer People ? or > such as the Rathori Bearwalkers and Reindeer People or > such as the Rahthori Bearwalkers or Uncoling Reindeer People or > such as the Rathori Bearwalkers and Reindeer People As it stands I think it invites misinterpretation that the either the Reindeer people is another name for Rathori Bearwalkers, or that the Rathori can be Bearwalkers or Reindeer people...
  12. In some ways, the biggest challenge is that characters don't necessarily have an "obvious" perception skill. In RQ you can say "Make a Spot Hidden Roll" and only need to reveal to those who make it whether it was to spot the Troll footprints outside the inn, the darktongue graffiti etched into the lintel, the giant beetle in the end stable, or the fact that "Karrg's Rest" is an unusual name for a bar in a Sartarite town that gives away that there might be a troll inside. In HQ the players need to know they are "looking for trolls" even if the characters will only find out if the roll is a success. Otherwise it's down to *why* is this roll needed. If the players are actively looking for the troll then it's a "Find the Troll" contest which they may choose to use "Keen Eyesight" of "Master Huntsman" or similar. (and on the "Failing forward" principle, failing might not mean they don't find him, merely that he finds them first, or they don't find him alone, or by the time they find him it is night and he has an advantage in whatever contest follows). If it's effectively part of another contest then you can treat it as such ("Characters who successfully Spot Hidden notice the mob approaching them have weapons drawn and can act normally, those who fail are surprised" ) If failing the check is boring then they succeed "...Oh and in the corner, hidden behind a pot-plant is a secret door into the rest of the villain's lair..." (or if succeeding (now) would be boring, and they don't realise they should be looking, they don't notice (The merchant who is a lunar spy has a signet ring with a moon rune on - If the players specifically look they can find it, but if they don't say they are looking they won't spot it, at least in the early part of the adventure. If they run into dead ends later on, they might suddenly notice it then... But if it's a case of "If they know this then they have these choices, and if they don't they have these other choices" then the roll is as valid in HQ as anywhere else...
  13. on "protecting those inside the ward" Assuming you can create warding on a mobile frame and then drop this over an enemy, it would certainly suggest that they would take the disruption damage. However, assuming that they survive, it does nothing to prevent them from stepping out of the hoop, and does not have any effect on any magic that they cast from inside the hoop. If anything it may offer them a certain degree of protection from hostile magic you (or your allies) attempt to cast on them while they remain inside the hoop, and even cause anyone moving to engage them to take the disruption magic when they cross the boundary. - I'm not convinced that this is the best use of your magic in terms of creating an offensive weapon
  14. On Gondo Holst's Wagon. Every version of the spell suggests the protection goes as far down as the wands penetrate - so if it is the "Interior" of the wagon that is protected then you can crawl under the wagon without triggering the warding - but bursting up through the floor would cross the boundary - so for the "Hula-hoop of death" you would need to be able to throw the hoop so it landed on top of your foe (merely passing over their heads is not sufficient) - so you'd need to develop and train a "Throw Hula-hoop" skill, and the target would have the opportunity to dodge/parry (providing they struck the outside of the hoop...). The size of your hoop would be limited by your ability to carry and throw the device, and since moving the wards (we will assume "relative to each other") breaks the warding, the hoop can't really be flexible, since distorting it will cause the pattern to break.
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