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  1. RuneQuest rules at Gen Con

    If something is depressing it is your attitude. Used in a intelligent way the use of coin (an other props) can greatly enhance the gaming experience for a lot of players. it isn't like it will be an integral part of the game as specialy designed (and difficult to reproduce at home) dice or tokens would be (jfr WFRP 3).
  2. RuneQuest rules at Gen Con

    I have bought way to much coins from them before and always been more than satsified ( acctually bought several series for use in a RQ campaign that never got off). The actual coins are a great resource at the table as it focus the greed of the players something enormously. But as 4000 L are difficult to handle at the table :-) I use other types of treasure objects and jewelry to handle the larger amounts of coins instead.
  3. Weapon Damages

    If a player dragget this semi-flame fest to me as a GM I would poit out that the mythic aspects are also important in my Glorantha. That means (to me) the sword (as an icarnation of death) always will hold an edge in combat, and as death was wielded to kill Yelm who could be seen as the representaion of both bows and spears, the latter two is pointely worse perhaps, than in our world. Something similar could be said about axes and clubs .... swords and axes, however, we could trade blows over and in the end that they are quite equivalent but different. (Just my two pints of naphta)
  4. Glorantha Links

    Toby Partridge's Griffin Mountain Campaign Seems to be gone, I get this message when trying access it. Forbidden You don't have permission to access /rpgwiki/GriffinMountainCampaign on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  5. Late comer to be he party here, I hope this don't fall under thread necromancy. Anyway, In my view of aldryamic stuff insects actually are a kind of plants. Butterflies are moblile flowers, ants are mobile root noodes transporting nutriets to the roots etc etc Which to me makes it totally acceptable with inectile looking aldryami. (And there is a story there about Gorakkiki and Kyger Litor in there ....) In general I tries in my world-building efforts break free from real world explanatory concepts, and see similarities as more like percived parallel evolution than factual identical entities (a result of early exposure to Glorantha I guess). Of course it has to be balanced towards making the world too alien for people to enjoy playing in. So, I have little problem with Giger and body snatchers, in fact I have a fairly long write up about an alternative elven plant based biology (geared towards 5e, but actual systemless hmmm ... perhaps I should look it over again and glorantha-ish it).
  6. Weapon Damages

    And a important point is, you don't kill for XP here, if you get a serious wound it is time for "cry ransom" which most (chaos except) will honour/respect in anything but the most dire situations. Heck, they may even heal you to keep alive. (It is slightly more complicated than this, of course, but it is a starting point)
  7. New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    The QS is much better than this, but not "good" enough IMO for a whole line, it is a bit ... quickstartery. But this Mongoose logo .... no, really, no ... The aesthetics aside, I think it is more important to distance a bit from the Mogoose Edition (and other editions) just to mark it as more.of a restart.
  8. New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    As I dislike the Mongoose stuff, I kind of dislike this ... it hardly matters but my first thought too was that it looked very much as theirs.
  9. Elder Races as PC's?

    I would hesitate to use any Mongoose product as reference as the labeled Gorakkikki as a chaos god. As for racial cooperation we have the whole Mostali-Flintnail-Pavis-Aldryami sheneigan. However that was performed, it must have included cooperation, othevise the Harmony rune would been compromised.
  10. Quickstart/RQG: Movement

    Ah, interesting as I have started to use a similar system as I think crossing of hp is boring and fiddly...