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  1. Love to see the Rubble and New Pavis maps done up at some time!
  2. Skovari

    Bits and Mortar Questions

    I thought the answer could be this. So if I want to see the content as it is released I have to either buy it all from you or purchase the PDF from you and then the printed version from the FLGS and spend more on it. Was hoping someone had solved the problem of handling this with the various retailers and companies involved. I'll just have to make my decision based on need of the product and whether I can wait for the printed version at the FLGS. My guess is "core" material I'd want sooner, but adventure packs and items I won't use immediately I can wait on.
  3. Skovari

    Bits and Mortar Questions

    So I want to support my local gaming store. They are a bits and mortar shop. But I also want to get my hands on the PDF version as you release those well before print. So is there a way to get the PDF when released somehow and then buy the printed version at my local store and get the discount? I want to foster sales of the new Runequest line locally and get more people excited.
  4. Skovari

    Heal v Heal Wound

    They are in the PDF of the adventure book available now.
  5. Skovari

    Casting Spirit / Rune Magic

    No priests yet to bring up the 1 point DI rune spell. But then again in the past they never really took this anyhow preferring other rune magic. They always tended to avoid one-use Rune Magic and wasting POW earned. I also don't see how removing the roll to cast changes the spell or strike rule? You still follow that. Just that at the end of casting your spell, it works automatically. You are still limited in what you can do in your round and with available strike ranks. And the spells still do take many strike ranks to cast.
  6. Skovari

    Casting Spirit / Rune Magic

    So I've GMed 3 sessions with my long time gaming group. 5 of 6 of them are old school RQ2 players going back to the 80s. So we've been playing together awhile. The one thing that they all universally don't like in the rules is having to make a roll to cast their Spirit and Rune magic. They truly get very frustrated spending the time trying to cast a healing spell or combat enhancement and wasting all of that time in combat. They are of course not used to this as we played RQ2 until the RQG was released recently. I of course let them know they need to remember to augment their rolls as they can, but there really is a limit on how much this can be done. I also point out it works both ways. So the question is does anyone else get complaints about this from old school players? Have you modified the rules in any way to make casting easier, especially when you are outside of a stressful situation? How do you handle this when it comes up? Would removing this rule change combat much in your mind?
  7. Skovari

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    She is active online. You could ask her and she would answer I am sure.
  8. Apparently the Clash aren't calling London?
  9. Skovari

    Critical damage example.

    Ask in the Rules Clarification thread?
  10. Skovari

    Critical damage example.

    It looks to me if both rolls are a critical, then you resolve it all as a normal damage roll and armor counts (as well as the parrying item). They kinda cancel each other out. Which is what I am seeing on the table at 199. Same thing if they are both specials.
  11. Skovari


    Someone (and I don't remember who) once told me that this name came about when Greg was asked if he had a name for this city. And his response was a very quick "Not Yet" which sounded very much like "Nochet" and it stuck. Anyone able to confirm if this piece of lore is true or not?
  12. Skovari

    Example of Combat

    In one spot, and not so well in another! For some reason I remember this coming up way back when the rules were released in a thread. I'm trying to see if I can find the reference to it. I even recall people talking about if the skills are that far apart then it taking the lower to a 0% chance of success.
  13. Skovari

    Example of Combat

    The problem with that is it still doesn't address the situation where taking off the lower skill would put it below 5%. And thus penalizes the person with the higher skill more than the lower skill person in removing a serious chunk of special and critical chance they would still have because their skill could still be well above 100% and still take the opposing skill down to 5%. That is the crux of the problem I (and other here) have. As well as showing two different areas contradict each other a bit. Which is why I am eager to see a response in the rules clarification thread!
  14. Skovari

    Example of Combat

    But you see, that is the heart of the ambiguity here that you seem to just be ignoring or glossing over. It does not matter if it is an attack or a parry. Just think of them as higher and lower skills. It does NOT say lower the higher skill (which just happens to be an attack) in the bullet. It says the opposing skill (which just happens to be a parry) is lowered. Not anything about changing the higher skill. Don't get caught up in the work "attacking" or "parrying". That doesn't matter in the least bit. Use higher and lower skill to be clear I suppose. It quite clearly is written that way so there is obviously clear ambiguity to this whole rule section that you seem to be ignoring. Not that I agree with the fact that the higher skill should not be lowered, but you're extrapolating what is written and calling it written rules, not reading the text as written. I call that completely ambiquous. Which is why I said let's find out from the authors what is intended and see how we can go forward.
  15. Skovari

    Example of Combat

    With such a high skill you have ALOT of great combat options to use of course. That's a cool part about the combat system, how to approach each round of the battle. But a berserk Death Lord isn't going to be doing any of that fancy holding! Zorak Zoran Smash!