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    I started playing Runequest in the mid 80s, I met Greg at the RQ Con in Baltimore in 94.
    I really like the Darjiin chapter of ILH1, hence the profile name. I play Darjiini characters when I get the choice.
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    HQ1, HQG, The Gods War, RQG
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    Near Paris (France) but in the countryside
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    I do physics for a living.

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  1. This is fine, but the Runequest Gamemaster screen pack has short (1/2 page) NPC character sheets and squad sheet (4 characters). I admit that they are easily overlooked, but they exist and are perfectly usable. You can also use the squad sheet at the end of the old RQ2 book. Now, if one can't wait for the forthcoming Sartar box, and if the encounter chart at the end of the RQ2 book not developed enough for one's taste, I made encounter charts in the Jonstown Compendium: Close-Encounters-of-the-Sartar-Kind.
  2. Thanks, i'll fix this in the next version of the file (v 1.03). Done! Again, don't forget to download the updated version from your DrivethruRPG library.
  3. That's why I chose to stay with the paragraph format in the published file. I had been trying out many different options but it tuned out to be less than ideal, especially from the point of view of layout, and since it is a rather small format, I think that it stays manageable this way. Again, thanks for your input and your interest.
  4. Thanks, that's going to be corrected in the forthcoming v1.02 file. Done ! Don't forget that you can download the updated versions of a file form your DrivetrthuRPG library.
  5. I'll try to see if I can find a way to do that.
  6. Thanks, I'll fix this promptly.
  7. Close Encounters of the Sartar Kind is now available at the Jonstown Compendium. It is an 11 pages supplement with encounter tables for Sartar.
  8. I notice that the maps have a usable scale. Yay ! By the way, they look truly wonderful.
  9. Excuse me if I seem to be nitpicking, but the consequences of this ruling are huge: for example, this would mean that a Seven Mothers cultist can summon earth, darkness, water, fire and of course moon elementals only using only common rune magic, without having to learn specific summon spells. This makes 7 Mothers cultists the masters of elemental versatility, right out of the box !
  10. That rule applies to spells with the rune, but for Summon Elemental, the spell descriptions says "Rune varies depending on elemental being summoned" (in both RQG and RBoM). If Summon Elemental was just a variant of Summon Cult Spirit, then it would make sense.
  11. Very nice. I think that Mago the fierce will soon find a place in my campaign as a NPC. Looking at the character sheet, I noticed that Mago can summon an air elemental not only with the rune but also with the and ones. Is that a mistake ? Did I miss something ?
  12. The way I understand it is that Ginna Jar is standing in for all the stakeholders of the quest who are staying behind (Ernalda, Heler, Yinkin, Odayla, Urox, Elmal, Kolat, ...), supporting the quest and sending energy to the questers.
  13. I apologize if this issue has already been discussed but while preparing to run The Smoking Ruins,
  14. I am now working on a petroglyph version of the Glorantha sourcebook. See a sample below... (picture taken at Petroglyph National monument near Albuquerque)
  15. That tends to be my view on this as well, but I can't speak for my players. Most of them do use augments pretty often like I said though so I guess they like it. Different people will have different tastes -- some will be more or less combative, some will be more or less often looking at diplomatic solutions, and some will be using more or less Passions. One must not forget the the goal of role playing is to have fun. Sometimes, a failed roll leads to a lot of role playing fun. That's good. When a failed roll leads to players feeling miserable, the GM must find a way to bring fun back at the table.
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