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    I started playing Runequest in the mid 80s, I met Greg at the RQ Con in Baltimore in 94.
    I really like the Darjiin chapter of ILH1, hence the profile name. I play Darjiini characters when I get the choice.
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  1. Excuse me if I seem to be nitpicking, but the consequences of this ruling are huge: for example, this would mean that a Seven Mothers cultist can summon earth, darkness, water, fire and of course moon elementals only using only common rune magic, without having to learn specific summon spells. This makes 7 Mothers cultists the masters of elemental versatility, right out of the box !
  2. That rule applies to spells with the rune, but for Summon Elemental, the spell descriptions says "Rune varies depending on elemental being summoned" (in both RQG and RBoM). If Summon Elemental was just a variant of Summon Cult Spirit, then it would make sense.
  3. Very nice. I think that Mago the fierce will soon find a place in my campaign as a NPC. Looking at the character sheet, I noticed that Mago can summon an air elemental not only with the rune but also with the and ones. Is that a mistake ? Did I miss something ?
  4. The way I understand it is that Ginna Jar is standing in for all the stakeholders of the quest who are staying behind (Ernalda, Heler, Yinkin, Odayla, Urox, Elmal, Kolat, ...), supporting the quest and sending energy to the questers.
  5. I apologize if this issue has already been discussed but while preparing to run The Smoking Ruins,
  6. I am now working on a petroglyph version of the Glorantha sourcebook. See a sample below... (picture taken at Petroglyph National monument near Albuquerque)
  7. That tends to be my view on this as well, but I can't speak for my players. Most of them do use augments pretty often like I said though so I guess they like it. Different people will have different tastes -- some will be more or less combative, some will be more or less often looking at diplomatic solutions, and some will be using more or less Passions. One must not forget the the goal of role playing is to have fun. Sometimes, a failed roll leads to a lot of role playing fun. That's good. When a failed roll leads to players feeling miserable, the GM must find a way to bri
  8. This is precisely why Daniel Kahnemann got his Nobel prize in Economics in 2002. Humans don't always almost never behave rationally in the field of economics (and real life). See his "Thinking fast and slow" book for an enlightening (dare I say illuminating) presentation of cognitive biases.
  9. Here is the mean skill augment result, which is the augment for each success level (critical, special, plain success, failure, fumble) weighted by the chance for each success level, as a function of the skill level. The mean augment is 0 for skill 49%. Below the mean augment is negative, and positive above. For 100% skill, the mean augment is slightly above 20%. The change of slope at 96% is due to rolls of 96-99 being always failure and 00 always fumble.
  10. The picture of Ragnaglar in the center is nicely done ... Oh no ! I've become illuminated !
  11. Wow! Gorgeous! How will it fit in the book, given the very wide format? Will there be a folded panel in the book, or just a poster inserted in it ? Also, make sure that it is available on Redbubble.
  12. Absolutely amazing ! The Agathe Pithié pictures are so good that I am unable to decide which one I prefer. They are all full of details, the watercolor-like style is very organic, and they look like in-world art pieces. I am definitely looking forward to buying the Cult Book.
  13. I think Wilms grants the breath life into art rune spell. Wilms is the Sartarite god of the arts, the patron of the city of Wilmskirk (hence the name), and one of the companions of Sartar.
  14. I have already written about 1/5 of the text so far. I have also included Vasana-like example texts featuring Rollo longblade, an Etyries Craftsman, refugee from Esrolia adventuring near the Colymar lands.
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