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    I really like the Darjiin chapter of ILH1, hence the profile name. I play Darjiini characters when I get the choice.
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  1. Wow! Gorgeous! How will it fit in the book, given the very wide format? Will there be a folded panel in the book, or just a poster inserted in it ? Also, make sure that it is available on Redbubble.
  2. Absolutely amazing ! The Agathe Pithié pictures are so good that I am unable to decide which one I prefer. They are all full of details, the watercolor-like style is very organic, and they look like in-world art pieces. I am definitely looking forward to buying the Cult Book.
  3. I think Wilms grants the breath life into art rune spell. Wilms is the Sartarite god of the arts, the patron of the city of Wilmskirk (hence the name), and one of the companions of Sartar.
  4. I have already written about 1/5 of the text so far. I have also included Vasana-like example texts featuring Rollo longblade, an Etyries Craftsman, refugee from Esrolia adventuring near the Colymar lands.
  5. Prax has very usable encounter tables in Borderlands (p 157 of the Gloranthan classic edition). I will be focusing on Sartar.
  6. I have started fleshing out the items in the outline. If all goes well, I should be done with the writing in about two weeks (I have a day job). Then comes the layout, for which I have absolutely no experience. I have also found a suitable picture for the cover (for which I own the copyright). BUT if Chaosium is going to include such a table in a forthcoming product, please let me know. I don't want to invest much time in a product that could buy instead... 😉
  7. I have started drafting a document. Here is the outline : Introduction Role playing not roll playing and Maximum Game Fun Dynamics of encounters Range (close, medium, far) Awareness Reaction (Friendly, Cautious, Hostile) Types of terrain: each item has a description with a few examples Chaos nest Cultivated/settled land Forest Hills Marsh Mountain Prax March River/lake shore Road Troll land Wildland Encounter types: each item has a paragraph with stats for perception, hide and reaction rolls, and size of encountered party. Aldryami Adve
  8. Something that has been missing in the official published material for RQG is encounter charts. Yet, they are extremely useful to introduce random elements in a scenario, and sometime steer the adventurers towards a completely unexpected direction. The original RQ2 has encounter charts (appendix J on p 123 of RQ2 classic), the classic Griffin Mountain has a chapter devoted to encounters (p 129 of the Gloranthan classic edition), so do Pavis and Big Rubble (p 32 and p 189 of the Gloranthan classic edition) and Borderlands (p 157 of the Gloranthan classic edition). For Heroquest, the Sartar
  9. To follow up on that thread, I have written up the Etyries subcult of Issaries. One of my players just rolled up an Etyries merchant character to play in our Sartar campaign. Runes: Harmony, Mobility, Moon Myths: Etyries acknowledges all the myths of her father. She also has myths about playing the same role for the Red Goddess as Issaries plays for Orlanth. She is a “natural”, meaning that she has reached illumination by herself, without being taught. Holy days: same as Issaries Initiate membership: same as issaries. Note: illumination is not taught by Etyries. Cultists
  10. From which book do these illustrations come from ?
  11. For Irrippi Ontor/Lhankor Mhy, it could be, because Cults of Prax says that they share many spells (like Etyries/issaries do) although Mindblast seems to be an Irrippi Ontor exclusive spell. On the other hand Yanafals Tarnils and Humakt seem to have severed their relationship, as evidenced by the irreconcilable differences in sword shape preferences. They don't want to have anything to do with each other. That's an important issue since Lunar adventurers in 1625 Dragon Pass have difficulties regaining their rune points unless they can (ab)use the lunar subcult trick. Etyries/
  12. I would like to start a new debate: do you think that an Etyries cultist can regain rune points at an Issaries temple? My initial answer to that question was “Hell no!” because Etyries and Issaries obviously belong to pantheons that are on the opposite side of the Hero War. The travels of Biturian Varosh seem to indicate that Etyries and Issaries are dealing at least on a competitive mode. But on the other hand, Etyries is still the Daughter of Issaries and shares the same magic, and plays much the same role for the Red Goddess as Issaries plays for Orlanth. That leads me to think that
  13. Yes, but beware of massed arrow fire (see Fun with RuneQuest and statistics) : a few archers can really ruin your day with a few impales or even critical hits.
  14. Cattle raid is nice, but with our group, one character (a storm bull warrior) was severely gored in the abdomen by the stampeding cattle, and was only saved by the prompt use of Heal Body by the Ernalda cultist in our group. In RQG, even the cattle can kill you! Having access to first class healing is needed for survival.
  15. Here you are… In a recent game my players visited Wilmskirk which is one of the cities founded by Sartar, in the Balmyr tribe territory. The Balmyr where formerly known as “the poets tribe”, and Wilmskirk has the temple to Wilms, god of artists. For these reasons, I decided that the Orlanth temple in Wilmskirk is dedicated to the Drogarsi the Skald subcult. Besides being a Drogarsi rather than an Orlanth temple, during ceremonies there is a little more focus on the mythic achievements of Orlanth/Drogarsi involving poetry and storytelling. At the Drogarsi temple, Art(poetry) is also taught as
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