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The Gods War - 2


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I really like the majority of them, and my only dislike is Zorak Zoran - but I'd guess the sculpt's emphasising some fight-beyond-death gift he possesses in-game.

Lankhor Mhy has grown on me - hints of overlap with Zzabur (multiple eyes, pointy hat), harp noting his role as "History Singer", little claws for scratching knowledge down as leader of the Marks on Bark Clan.

Babeester Gor is dynamic, but I wish she had a little hint of having just leapt from her dead mother's womb, trailing gore or something.

I'm post-rationalising Chalana Arroy's halo as a rotated Light rune and wings as parallel to those of Sky's Phoenixes and Emperor.

My faves ar Daliath and Xiola Umbar.

I might put a little bow-tie on Wakboth, if I can find a neck.


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I have already stated broadcasting the news! 😀


If you use the Translation gadget on the right margin, you can get a fairly decent translation, with funny names such as "Toro Stormy" 😝

Moreover, the turntables of Shargash and Wachaza are already available. Have you checked them out yet?

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