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Highest praise for the Lyonesse RPG!


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4 hours ago, Dr_Zarnak said:

I very much agree with all the praise that has been heaped on the book - it is magnificent. Besides the core book, I have also ordered the two adventures on DriveThruRPG to demonstrate my commitment.

Is there news on future products (can’t find any on the website)? A Forest of Tantrevalles sourcebook?

A Tantravelles expansion is most likely, as is further detail on the major cities.

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My copy finally arrived the other day and it is impressive. I've had a bit of a glance through the PDF but I don't love that format so I'm looking forward to leafing through the physical Lyonesse tome. My first impressions: it is much thicker than I expected and the colour maps are lovely.

Years ago, when I was thinking about where to base my campaign, Lyonesse was one of my top 3 choices. It lost out (to Fritz Leiber's Nehwon) simply because of the terrible map in my tattered Lyonesse paperbacks and that I would have to do the adaptation work which you have now done!

I'm looking forward to reading it in detail.

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