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BRP ADVENTURES - 13 Adventures in Different Genres for the BRP System


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brp-adventures.jpgBRP Adventures presents thirteen adventures for the Basic Roleplaying system. These are drawn from the submissions from the first Basic Roleplaying Adventure Contest. Organized by genre, these stories illustrate the versatility of BRP and its adaptability to different kinds of storytelling. The following are the general genres and adventures included:

Fantasy: Sharazar, by Andrei Baltakmans. Travelers of Ka'rang, by Chad Bowser. King John's Treasure, by Jean-Philipe Chapleau. The Caravan, by Sverre Larne.

Horror: The Sign of the Goat, by Guy dondlinger.

Alternate Realities: Going Up the Country, by R.J. Christensen. The Black Book, by Stuart Godbolt. Daybreak Tomorrow, by Rich Leduc. Escape From the Slavelands, by Sarah Newton. Terror At 6666 Feet, by Matt Steele. Ruin Nation, by Jason Williams. The Time Share, by Simon Yee.

Science Fiction: Planet-Fall, by Bruce Thomson.

By many authors. 168 pages. Published by Chaosium March 2009.

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I see this is only cuurently on sale as a .pdf, wasn't it once on sale as a "printed" version as well? If it was why is it not available in that format anymore?

Monographs are printed in small batches and restocked when there are a number of small print jobs that need doing - and Chaosium's rather quirky web site management software removes out of stock items from the catalogue ENTIRELY (to prevent people ordering stuff that's not currently available, I assume), rather than say just marking stuff as "Temporarily Out of Stock". It wil no doubt be re-printed fairly soon, that's what usually happens.


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Well that is good, I was thinking about getting a copy of it in "printed" format when ever it is available again in that style. Hopefully at the same time the Green will be in "printed" format as well too at the same time.


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I have decided to run the Terror at 6666 feet adventure from this book on a small local convention coming up. Was gonna make a write up of the finished characters for the adventures and noticed that one of the characters have a skill called Ritual Magic and Tarot. Tarot I just assume is similar to Astrology which would make it a new Science speciality in the BGB. But unsure on how to handle Ritual Magic. Anyone know if this comes from another supplement? If so where can I find it?

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