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TDM at GenCon Online 2020


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GenCon's online this year, and we're going to be running some virtual games via Roll20 over the GenCon weekend. I'll be on duty running sessions of Shrine of the Traitor Gods, Lyonesse, and Mythic Britain. More details to come on these, (and possibly other) TDM events.


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The Design Mechanism: Publishers of Mythras

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GenCon Online 2020 is almost with us, and there are all kinds of online Mythras and Lyonesse activities:


I'll be hosting the TDM panel at 7pm EST on Saturday 1st August, and it's free to attend as long as you're registered.

So don't be shy! Get involved and help Make Mythras Matter!

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The Design Mechanism: Publishers of Mythras

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A heartfelt Thank You! from myself and the whole TDM team to all the players and seminar attendees over the past three days of GenCon Online - especially our friends in Europe and beyond who stayed up into the wee small hours for games or the panel.

I had a blast! 'Shrine of the Traitor Gods' some players new to Mythras heroically foiling the schemes of the Badoshi to unleash a vile demon, and involved some incredibly creative use of the Voice spell to strike fear into the hearts of the cultists.

'In High Dudgeon' resulted in one of the characters becoming the (almost) reluctant husband of a naiad, and being forced to go and live down a well; a disgraced knight charming all the women of Low Dudgeon, gaining a squire, and helping poor Renya realise her duty; and the scheming juggler help Madam Neneveh become extremely rich, and regaining much-needed favour... Very Vancian!

And in the Mythic Britain game, the characters managed to liberate a Treasure of Britain from a Saxon king, change the course of a battle, and even channel the spirit of a certain Iceni queen for a little while... Epic and disturbing in equal measure.

And our TDM seminar was fantastic. Extremely well attended, some great questions for the panel, and even over-ran by a good 40 minutes as people stayed around (some long past their bedtime) to chat and ask more questions! We have recorded the seminar, and I'll be posting it on our YouTube channel in the next couple of days so that you can catch up (or relive the experience).

For me, GenCon 2020 Online has been very enjoyable and very successful. I hope all of you enjoyed it too.


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The Design Mechanism: Publishers of Mythras

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Good to hear about all the new titles being worked on! Luther Arkwright as a standalone game sounds fantastic. Keep up the good work.

And it’s nice to have faces associated with all the familiar names.

I don’t think you mentioned any new Lyonesse products. Anything planned for it?

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Thanks for recording this @Loz and making it public, it's been interesting seeing some faces of the team and getting to know all that's in store.

I have published a post about news of all the D100 games I love since April, that of course includes a section about The Design Mechanism. It's in Spanish but I hope the Google translator can give you a pretty good gist of it  (I've tried and it does!). So if I have missed something, you can tell me and I'll add it ASAP.

https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2020/07/noticias-de-runequest-mythras-cthulhu-y.html   👈😺

For example, I'm not sure if I've caught the title of a certain future publication using the Mythras Gateway License you mention almost at the end. Is it "Red Daggers"?


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