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New Magic Spells and Skill Points


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45 minutes ago, Mugen said:

That's only really true for animism. Other magic systems require a separate skill for each god or magic tradition. 

If your magic tradition doesn't learn Fly, you'll have to find oje that does, and learn their Invoke skill (though tye Shaping skill will stay the same).

Yes, thank you, good clarification.

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18 hours ago, DreadDomain said:

Hardly surprising. Many innovations of RQG are directly inspired by Pendragon and adapted to it to make more sense for RuneQuest. The seasonal rythm instead of yearly, personality traits integrated into runes (which leads to character emulating their gods true nature), etc. Passions are pretty much the same (except on a d100) but, I believe, the experience roll for 4 additionnal occupational or cult skills does not come from KAP. Or does it?

No the four rolls do not. In KAP you currently get ONE roll of 1d6+1 points (comparable to 10-35% points in RQ) to improve existing skills, providing you keep within the cap of 15 (75%), or one point (5%) increase to a skill in the 15-19 (75-95%) range.

However back when KAP was being published by Green Knight  they altered training and practice to give three rolls  (not four) but they had to go to different skills. 

18 hours ago, DreadDomain said:

Anyway, colour me happy for how KAP influenced RQG.

Just pointing out the source. I don't see anything wrong with borrowing good ideas from other games, especially games from the same people. Many good RPG ideas came from the mind of Greg Stafford.

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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