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The River Terror, and others


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I don't have the book yet, but just found out I'm tangentially mentioned in one of the scenarios. So far, I've been mentioned in both BRP Adventure books. First as an NPC in The Caravan in the first collection and then as a battle cry in Fools Rush In in the second collection.

I'm still trying to decide if this is something to be proud of or not. ;)

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Good war cry!

Seriously, I would love for someone (contributers?) to put up a quick summary of the scenarios. It would make the difference between me rushing out to get it or putting it on my 'free shipping waiting list'.


"Tell me what you found, not what you lost" Mesopotamian proverb



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My contribution, "The King,The Maiden, and the Mad Man of Las Islas de los Muertos" is a Golden Age of Piracy adventure involving a race for a lost treasure, evil pirates and possibly cannibals.

I am starting to fear I may become the 'pirate guy', what with Arrrgh, Pirates, my two scenarios in Veni, Vidi, Vici, and this one in The River Terror and Other Tales.

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The eleven scenarios include fantasy, time travel, pulp, superhero, pirate, Weird War II, modern crime, and outer space adventures. So the monograph has a pretty broad spectrum of genres to choose from. Sadly, IndianKen's was the only straight historical scenario this time around. In the wake of BRP Rome I thought we might get more of them.

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I just downloaded it and will start reading later today.

A quick skim through indicates that there are some scenarios I'll find really useful.

On the downside, it would have been nice for my name to have been spelt correctly ;-( .

Though it is only wrong in the Table of Contents.

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I was wondering if the Australian scenario was yours...:cool:

I tried to make it generic enough that could be used in a range of medieval fantasy settings.

There are some very interesting scenarios in the book. Even the ones that can't be adapted to my campaign will be useful when my group is short a player and we just want to do a one off.

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