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Keeper of the Book


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12 minutes ago, metcalph said:

I'm not familiar with the term.  Where is it from?

Jeff: "Belintar is surrounded by individuals who study his teachings and aid him in directing magical energies according to his inscrutable plans. Those are his initiates. The Tide Lord, the Constant Guard, the Reef Master, the Bridge Singer, the Keeper of the Book, the Red Destroyer, the High Priests of the Great Runes, and so forth, were all officials AND initiates into Belintar’s secrets."


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1 hour ago, Martin said:

Does anyone know anything about the Keeper of the Book that lived in the City of Wonders pre 1625. I am assuming it refers to the keeper  of Belintar's book?

That seems likely.  Beyond the reference noted above, I've not seen these titles used or referenced.

The Red Destroyer suggests the role that Jar-eel used to sneak in and kill Belintar though.  And the High Priests of the Great Runes are likely the Governors of the Sixths.  Presumably the Constant Guard is the leader of the unit of that name that defends the City of Wonders.

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10 hours ago, John Biles said:

In King of Dragon Pass, one of the quest chains involves people stealing 'Belintar's Book' and giving it to the player clan; eventually, agents of the Pharoah come looking for it.

Belintar's Book is probably a Heroquesting guide/myth collection.


Well of course it is :) Its Belintar's memories of his past lives

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