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9 hours ago, Sir_Godspeed said:

The parallel between Zzabur and Malkion vis a vis Acos and Larnste is genius, well spotted. Really gets the noggin going.

It also allows me to continue ranting about Trader Prince Malkionism given that they would be all too happy to connect law to movement through harmony. [EDIT: removed excessive ranting]

....I hope you all can forgive Scott for this 😉

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11 hours ago, jajagappa said:

You can also regain the top by pushing the Power Rune up through the worn down Stasis Rune.  Rather like a volcano (which brings us back to Lodril, oh my!). 😉

Lodril piercing stasis through a disorderly use of law / a lawful use of disorder sounds about right to me.

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My week has continued being more complicated than I intended... I hope to get back here before the weekend.  


However, I wanted to drop off something about mountains and Law.




Old English
From mis- +‎ lār.

IPA(key): /ˈmis.lɑːr/, [ˈmiz.lɑːr]

mislār f (nominative plural mislāra, mislāre)

1) bad teaching or doctrine
2) an evil suggestion

Declension of mislar (strong ō-stem)

Middle English: mislore
English: mislore


Ralios and Maniria are separated from one another by the Mountains of Bad Doctrine.  One of the smaller rivers in Maniria is the River of Bad Doctrine.

There is a pass through them that keeps disappearing, and Ethilrist is the last person to use it.

Its known occupants include Wind Children who guard a fallen fragment of the Sky Dome known as Mount Selon, and mountain Goat Hsunchen who are not Chaotic but are constantly mistaken for Broo.


I don't have this worked out, but I really need to learn more about Ragnaglar, I think.

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On 4/18/2021 at 2:31 PM, scott-martin said:

The western hero wars deserve to be as awesome as what the Sartarites are building. Everybody's does.

There are theories about vadelist chromatology but if I recall the goddess Vadela (they reckoned descent that way) had three lovers and never made it around to having a yellow baby before the Malkionite captivity. This is probably a deep secret of the archaic talars in itself but other people chase different angles.

In My Glorantha there is absolutely a lost Vadeli Talar caste (perhaps produced through congress with an enslaved goddess of Pamalt's household, in Chir) that the others are quite pleased to be rid of (for the moment), not least because I could not resist the idea of the Vadeli Empires of old being ruled by 'Yellow Kings'

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